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SUMO Module owner and Peers

We don't have enough people to have separate module owners and peers. And the Module owner and peer concept doesn't really apply since we are not engineering and not writing SUMO code.

  • For now:
    • Patrick McClard is the SUMO module owner
    • The SUMO peers are the same people as the SUMO Lithium component owners

SUMO Lithium component owners

These are the bugzilla component owners for the " - Lithium" product:

Component Owner Backup
Ask A Question workflow Rachel McGuigan Roland Tanglao
Contributor and Question forums Rachel McGuigan Michał Dziewoński
Feature requests Roland Tanglao Madalina Ana
General Madalina Ana Patrick McClard
KB Content Joni Savage Michał Dziewoński
KB Software Roland Tanglao Joni Savage
Localization Michał Dziewoński Joni Savage
Metrics / LSI Madalina Ana Rachel McGuigan
Search Joni Savage Madalina Ana
User Experience & design Joni Savage Roland Tanglao
Users & permissions Michał Dziewoński Rachel McGuigan

If you need to contact them, you can find them in #sumo on irc or in the Mozillians directory as well as in bugzilla and the SUMO contributor forums.