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This is a project inspired by SUMO Day Jan 19th. The goal is to alter the content of the SUMO home page for 72 hours to see if it helps users find answers to their questions.


  • Alter the "Home - Quick" and "Home - Explore" templates of the SUMO desktop start page to streamline the set of overall links from 35 links to 12. Here is the final draft: (done)
  • Create 12 new articles with the larger lists of links below the home page, focusing on solutions to the top searches, forum posts and articles. See the KB dashboard for the articles in progress. (done)
  • Add keywords from search logs and forum posts to the 12 new links to help users easily identify their problem (done)
  • Lock forum posts to which we point, so we don't have solved threads popping up again (tbd)
  • Communicate the change to the contributors and verify no impact to UX testing in progress (done)


The test will last 72 hours beginning Friday Jan 26th at 9am and ending Monday Jan 28th at 9am, at which point we'll look at the data.

Measuring Success

We will be looking at 3 succees metric plus 1 control metric:

  • Amount of generated threads: For the last 2 weeks our daily amount of threads is beyond 225 threads/day with an average of 283 threads a day. If we can maintain the amount of threads below 240 for the time of the experiment or go below 225 on single day we will be in a better position than today.
  • CTR of the AAQ button from the home page: Today more than 0.4% of the Home Page visitors decide to click on the AAQ button, with an average over the last week of .45% If during the experiment this percentage is in the range of 0.42% or less we can say that we are in a better position than today.
  • Percentage of Searches triggered from the Home Page: One of the main drivers of frustration of our site is the Search Engine. Users can't find what they are looking for in the Search Results and they either leave the site or Ask a Question in our forum. Today, between 20.1% and 20.3% of the Home Page visitors decide to search. If during this experiment we can go below 20.0% we can say that we are in a better position than yesterday.
  • Article visits: As a control metric and because we are adding a new level to the navigation, we want to make sure that the amount of Pageviews to our articles doesn't drop dramatically.


  • Ibai: metrics gathering to assess impact of this change on overall number of questions asked
  • Michelle: driving public messaging and landing pages
  • Verdi: Designing new home page layout, review feedback for landing pages, contributing to landing pages content
  • AliceWyman: reviewing and contributing to landing pages and plan for locked forum posts