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Personal Development

 Personal development goal examples:
   1. Learn a bit about the Rust Language by reading through current Rust documentation and by 
   completing the current list of available Rust tutorials available on Rust-Learning Github page.
   2. Mentor contributor x by helping her/him successfully implement and land a fix for bug yyyy.
   3. Do a few livehacking sessions during the quarter.
   4. Fix three to five bugs in a component the reports isn't familiar with but is interested in.
   5. Complete an online educational tutorial on a unfamiliar technology.

SMART Criteria

 (S)pecific   - What do you want to achieve in your areas of focus ?
 (M)easurable - How will I know when it is accomplished ?
 (A)chievable - How can the goal be accomplished ?
 (R)elevant   - Does this match our other efforts/needs? Is this the right time?
 (T)ime-bound - By when can you achieve this goal ?


 [*|#] <Task-Category>
 [**|##] <Task-Expected-Result> <Task-Description>
 [**|##] <Task-Expected-Result> <Task-Description>
 * Implement the support of HTML5 details & summary.
 ** [land] bug123456 - calc(1+2+3+4+5+6) 
 ** [OOAD] bug234567 - integrate stylo into gecko

Personal Goals

Astley Chen

[Quantum CSS]

  • Enable stylo build(pref-off) in Nightly 55/56.
    • bug 1356991 - Build Stylo in Nightly (always #define MOZ_STYLO but keep Stylo pref'd off by default)
  • Enable stylo in Nightly 56.

[Quantum Labeling]

  • Finish all layout labeling work.


  • Finish milestone 1 implementation.

Boris Chiou

[Quantum CSS] - Animations

  • (M2) Finish CSS-Transitions
    • [land] Bug 1343753 - stylo: Update CSS transitions with servo's computed values instead of nsStyleContext
    • [land] Bug 1341372 - stylo: detect new transitions and let it run
    • [land] Bug 1353628 - stylo: Cannot parse shorthand properties for transition-property
    • [land] Bug 1357357 - stylo: Need to start a transition even if one of the property is non-animatable or unrecognized property
  • (M4) Enable OMTA
    • [land] Bug 1334036 - stylo: Support off-main-thread animations
  • SMIL
    • [land] Bug 1332633 - stylo: Implement ComputeDistance for AnimationValues

Cameron McCormack

  • Quantum CSS
    • Write performance tests for and Servo implementations of all remaining Gecko style system optimizations
    • Do everything else possible to get the Stylo pref turned on in Firefox Nightly


  • Quantum CSS
    • [land] Bug 1341703 - stylo: border-image support with url() seems to be broken
    • [land] Bug 1341667 - stylo: Figure out why all the W3C masking reftests fail
    • [land] Bug 1359787 - stylo: Stylo: Unite the implementation of background-image/ mask-image and border-image-source in {background|svg|border}
    • [land] Bug 1338764 - stylo: support context values for SVG stroke-* and fill-*
    • [land] Bug 1310885 - stylo: keep CSS images alive while their corresponding rule is in the style sheet
    • And fix anything I can help
  • Quantum Flow
    • [land] Bug 1351313 - Reuse nsDisplayText for frames
  • CSS masking and filter
    • Fix stability issues

Eric Tsai

  • Diagnosis issues on or bugzilla
    • Triage and diagnosis issues
  • alexa webhook
    • Develop webhook which gives alexa ranking on issue
  • Survey Compatibility dashboard to Bugzilla
    • Do a survey between different function team to know if this dashboard is important to them, what’s important to them. This result will be a requirement document if we decide to make the dashboard in the future.
  • Develop WebCompat system addon version 2
    • Implement new site patch
    • Implement test cases for new patch
  • Community participation
    • Write working results to medium stories
    • Talks for community

Farmer Tseng

  • Implement printing via Skia PDF on Windows platform
    • [land] bug 1345710 - [Mortar] [Windows] Implement Emf, PDFEngineExports and PdfPrintHelperWin
    • [r+] bug 1369302 - [SkiaPDF] Crash in DWriteFontTypeface::onGetAdvancedTypefaceMetrics(), fDWriteFontFamily is nullptr
    • [r+] bug 1372108 - Add support for having Save-as-PDF use Skia PDF on Windows
    • [r+] bug 1370488 - Add support for having printing on Windows print via Skia PDF and PDFium
    • [r+] bug 1372113 - Stop finding the function symbols in PDFiumEngineShim

Jeremy Chen

  • Quantum DOM (Layout-labeling)
    • [meta] bug 1339343 - Label runnables in layout modules
      • [land] bug 1347815 - Label subclasses of nsExpirationTracker in layout modules
  • Quantum CSS - do anything that could help enable Stylo on Nightly
    • bug 1321197 (stylo-style-mochitest) - [meta] stylo: Have stylo pass all style system mochitests
      • [land] bug 1341758 - stylo: need image-orientation support
      • [land] bug 1363295 - stylo: fix the serialization of image-orientation property
      • [land] bug 1355001 - stylo: Implement glue for initial-letter property
      • [land] bug 1348173 - stylo: Implement the -moz-border-*-colors property
      • [land] bug 1357350 - stylo: setting border shorthands should reset longhands of border-image to their initial value
      • [land] bug 1359313 - stylo: whitelist moz-border-*-colors related bindings to satisfy heap write analysis
      • [land] bug 1356134 - stylo: implement font-variant shorthand property
    • bug 1353918 - stylo: make all animatable properties *animatable*
      • [land] bug 1354437 - stylo: Make border-spacing animatable
      • [land] bug 1360144 - stylo: Make stroke-{*} animatable
      • [land] bug 1369624 - stylo: fill-opacity should be animatable
      • [land] bug 1360133 - stylo: Make {stop, flood}-opacity animatable
    • bug 1352284 (stylo-svg) - [meta] stylo: Fully support SVG
      • [land] bug 1359343 - stylo: enable stylo for SVG documents
      • [land] bug 1363000 - stylo: Using <select> elements in SVG documents causes leaks in crashtests
      • [land] bug 1367327 - stylo: SVG unitless length should not be rounded to absolute length during parsing and computing
      • [land] bug 1340561 - stylo: figure out why layout/svg/crashtests/606914.xhtml is NOT asserting

Louis Chang

  • Mortar - Complete milestone #1 work as below:
    • [Provide WIP patch] bug 1345789 - setup an IPC between parent process and plugin process
    • [Partial r+] bug 1347440 - Integrate building into mozbuild instead of checking it into m-c
    • [land] bug 1346682 - Set title to document name for print to file
    • [land] bug 1363291 - Handle save to file when printing pdf without e10s failed
  • Layout
    • [land] bug 1362255 - Make w3c-css/ import from wpt rather than csswg-test
    • [land] bug 1246741 - Add more test case for basic shapes clipping in SVG content
    • [land] bug 1371558 - Fix spacing issue and reference error for svg test case

Shing Lyu

  • Improve how we ensure quality in Stylo
  • Evangelism
  • [Personal] Python interpreter in Rust

Tingyu Lin

  • Quantum CSS
    • Do anything that could help enable Stylo on Nightly
    • [land] bug 1290276 - stylo: XBL <stylesheet> support
    • [land] bug 1321754 - stylo: UA style sheets parsed with author features should be added at the UA level
    • [land] bug 1321769 - stylo: scrollbars don't work

Tommy Kuo

Quantum CSS

  • Fix ref-test
    • bug 1355017 - stylo: background-position should generate valid three-value form when from longhands
    • bug 1353994 - stylo: Support new color format of hsla() and rgba() defined in CSS Color Module Level 4
    • bug 1354000 - stylo: stylo doesn't understand moz-prefixed -moz-crisp-edges
    • bug 1355005 - stylo: Support -moz-box-orient: {block,inline}-axis
    • bug 1356104 - stylo: Add support for mozmm unit

Ya-Chieh Wu

  • Mortar - Complete milestone #1 work as below:
    • [land] bug 1360494 - 'stage-package' failed after adding '--enable-mortar' configuration
    • [land] bug 1347419 - update rpclib and pluginlib configuration for launching plugin binary
    • [land] bug 1345328 - way to build and pack JSPlugin to an XPI file
    • [land] bug 1340995 - Pressing copy combination key under form text input causes character typed unexpectedly
  • Layout
    • [land] bug 1370833 - make less *InvalidateTableFrame* calls so we won't over painting the table.
    • [figure out the root cause] bug 1362412 - is still slow to animate

Weekly Report