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Personal Development

 Personal development goal examples:
   1. Learn a bit about the Rust Language by reading through current Rust documentation and by 
   completing the current list of available Rust tutorials available on Rust-Learning Github page.
   2. Mentor contributor x by helping her/him successfully implement and land a fix for bug yyyy.
   3. Do a few livehacking sessions during the quarter.
   4. Fix three to five bugs in a component the reports isn't familiar with but is interested in.
   5. Complete an online educational tutorial on a unfamiliar technology.

SMART Criteria

 (S)pecific   - What do you want to achieve in your areas of focus ?
 (M)easurable - How will I know when it is accomplished ?
 (A)chievable - How can the goal be accomplished ?
 (R)elevant   - Does this match our other efforts/needs? Is this the right time?
 (T)ime-bound - By when can you achieve this goal ?


 [*|#] <Task-Category>
 [**|##] <Task-Expected-Result> <Task-Description>
 [**|##] <Task-Expected-Result> <Task-Description>
 * Implement the support of HTML5 details & summary.
 ** [land] bug123456 - calc(1+2+3+4+5+6) 
 ** [OOAD] bug234567 - integrate stylo into gecko

Personal Goals

Astley Chen

  • Quantum CSS(Stylo)
    • Stylo for Android
    • Stylo+ work breakdown
  • CSS Shapes
  • CSS Motion Path
  • CSS Transform Lv2
  • PDFium
  • Web-Compat
  • e10s <select>

Boris Chiou

  • Stylo
    • Bugs for stylo-everywhere
    • [land] bug 1408310 - make WebKitCSSMatrix use Servo for parsing transform lists
    • [land] bug 1340005 - stylo: Switch to Servo style backend for compositor animations
  • CSS

Cameron McCormack


Eric Tsai

  • WebCompat issue triage & Diagnosis
    • Objective 2: Improve incoming triage lifecycle to ensure we don’t miss new regressions.
    • Objective 1: To lay the groundwork to for Google Tier 1 search experience for Firefox for Android users by understanding what technical issues may block us.
  • WebCompat dashboard improvement with given date interval
    • Visual dependency graph
  • Improve issue creation form
  • Community participation
    • At least 1 talk to campus or FE community
    • Medium webcompat related blog post

Jeremy Chen

  • Quantum Style(Stylo)
    • [Fix] bug 1374034 - (stylo-release) Let Stylo ride the trains.
      • [Land] bug 1407096 - stylo-blocklist: measure the performance impact for enabling the blocklist mechanism
      • [Land] bug 1407098 - stylo-blocklist: put a nightly only domain in stylo blocklist for testing
      • [Land] bug 1409958 - stylo-blocklist: reset stylo blocklist to empty string on Nightly for testing
      • [Land] bug 1407911 - (stylo-blocklist-domains) stylo-blocklist: update stylo-blocklist preference using a system addon
      • [Land] bug 1403077 - (stylo-blocklist) stylo-blocklist: add support for a list of domains that should use the old Gecko style system instead of Stylo
      • [Land] bug 1411517 - stylo: "layout.css.stylo-blocklist.enabled" pref's default value should be false
      • [Land] bug 1399049 - stylo: do not use InterpolateMatrix as a fallback for interpolation errors in a matched transform function pair
      • [Land] bug 1418433 - stylo: window.getComputedStyle(element, null) would not get correct data for display: none element
  • Support General Layout Module
    • [Land] bug 1408851 - negative calc()s for inset() should be valid
    • [Land] bug 1378368 - getComputedStyle returns wrong value for basic-shapes containing calc() that should resolve to negative value
    • [Land] bug 1416689 - frame dump code in nsIFrame::ListGeneric() is wrong
    • [Land] bug 1421197 - use 64-bit for restyle generation counters to avoid overflow issues
    • [Land] bug 1420724 - fix unnecessary duplicated code in nsCSSFrameConstructor.h
    • [Land] bug 1387176 - Switch nsFrameSelection to use either an initializer list or per-member defaults
  • Support Layout:Text Module
    • [Land] bug 1415581 - German hyphenation is wrong, single letter teared off
    • [Land] bug 1423509 - Cleanup for BuildTextRunsScanner::SetupLineBreakerContext
    • [Investigate] bug 1283222 - Unwanted line-break opportunities at out-of-flow frames [was: Commas wrapped to beginning of line with text-align: justify]
    • [Investigate] bug 1418472 - Wrong position of github issue name on hover

Louis Chang

  • Solving Webcompat issues
    • [Land] bug 1428676 - -moz-appearance menulist-button should behave like -webkit-appearance: menulist-button
    • [Land] bug 1429700 - Make -webkit-appearance as an alias of -moz-appearance with pref off
    • [Land] bug 1429713 - Make -webkit-appearance as an alias of -moz-appearance with pref off in stylo
    • [Land] bug 1417753 - Implement -moz-appearance: searchfield-cancel-button which behave like -webkit-appearance: searchfield-cancel-button
    • [Land] bug 1430514 - input widget disappears for a certain imposed width or height (but stays visible in Chrome)
    • [Land] bug 1429307 - Incorrect radio button form and state

Tingyu Lin

  • Implement CSS Shape level 1
  • Fix Stylo bugs if needed

Tommy Kuo

  • Triage issues of e10s-select
  • Content process <select> dropdown menu in e10s
    • Investigate how many works we should do on it.
    • bug 1118086 - [e10s] There is a delay for about 1 seconds to display <select> drop-down list with 1600+ items
  • [land] bug 1399310 - Decorations get drawn multiple times with selections

Ya-Chieh Wu

  • Displaylist Perf
    • bug 1381153 - Calling GetEffectSet during display list building is not very cache friendly
    • bug 1410826 - Move up the IsPrimaryFrame() in nsIFrame::HasAnimationOfTransform
  • Table
    • bug 332740 - [BC] rowspan and border-collapse: collapse breaks border rendering
      • bug 1405929 - [BC] rowspan on border-collapse is wrong.
    • bug 1406265 - [BC] SetIStartStart(), IsIStartStart(), IsBStartStart() and SetBStartStart() are not well used
    • bug 1384031 - the behavior of border-radius properties applied to internal table elements
  • webcompat
    • bug 752790 - Input padding covers text when the padding is greater than (TextHeight - InputHeight)/2

Weekly Report