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AMO Recommended List

I pulled the csv list from and am trying to massage it in MS Works. Something I see is there are too many extensions lumped in to Miscellaneous. Some items are Composer specific, ex. Allow Empty Subject. A few are Chrome UI mods, ex: Address Context. Then there are the Developer oriented items like DOMi and Nightly Tester Tools.

Another issue is there are some great extensions that are not offered at AMO, but rather from or the authors site like Nic-Nac Project.

Next issue is many of the AMO items are out of date and do not support Tb 2.0 let alone a possibility of Tb 3.0. Menu Edit is one that was lost to Tb 2.0, yet is still available for Fx 2.0.

My recommendation is addition of these categories to AMO.
1) Message Composition
2) User Controls
3) Tools

--Ron K. 23:57, 28 April 2008 (PDT)

Summary of Categories

Here are the existing AMO categories for Thunderbird

  • Contacts
  • Dictionaries
  • Message Reading
  • Miscellaneous
  • News Reading
  • Privacy and Security

Here's a list of Proposed Categories so far from this talk page and the bug

  • Message Composition
  • User Controls
  • Tools

Each category needs at least 2 extensions but preferably 4-6 such that there is some rotation.

Also keep in mind that Firefox currently has 14 total categories in AMO

List of Extensions Recommendations

Here's a list of a couple top 10-25 Thunderbird extension lists I've seen over the past year or so.

From Geek to Live: Eight killer Thunderbird extensions

From 10 must-have Thunderbird Addons (+ 25 more)

From Top Useful Thunderbird Add-ons

  • Contacts Sidebar
  • Signature Switch
  • Auto Zip Attachment
  • Nostalgy
  • GmailUI
  • QuickText
  • Remove Duplicate Messages
  • Attachment Extractor
  • Send Later
  • Lightning
  • Text Size
  • Quick Folders
  • Mail Redirect
  • Buttons
  • E-mail notification Randomizer
  • Dictionary Search
  • Image Zoom
  • Allow HTML Temp
  • Mouse Gestures
  • XNote
  • TimeStamp
  • Skype Toolbar
  • View Headers
  • Spamato
  • Smile Insert
  • Quote Collapse
  • Change
  • QuickMove
  • Growl Notifications
  • Minimize to try

From The ten most useful thunderbird add-ons

  • Minimize to Tray
  • United States English Dictionary
  • Lightning
  • Dod Configuration
  • Addressbooks Synchronizer
  • Clippings
  • Maximize message pane
  • Text size toolbar
  • ReminderFox
  • Quicktext
  • Track Package
  • Okopipi
  • abc Tajpu
  • Signature Switch
  • Nested Quote Remover

From 10 Thunderbird add-ons I can’t live without

  • GMailUI
  • Lightning
  • Nostalgy
  • Plaxo
  • Provider for Google Calendar
  • QuickQuote
  • Quicktext
  • Remember Mismatched Domains
  • Remove Duplicate Messages
  • Sync On Arrival

Inline Add-ons

An additional criteria for add-on categories I'd like people to think about is having places inside the Thunderbird UI for getting those add-ons. Within the preferences or other pieces of the Thunderbird UI we should be inserting ways for people to enhance their experience.

Right now I'm assuming we can change the add-ons manager to provide some kind of category searching since we don't want people to have to use the amo web site.

See these mockups:

My critical Extensions

User Agent: Thunderbird/
Build ID: 2008021305

Enabled Extensions: [22]

  • addressContext 0.8.1
  • ConfigDate 0.5
  • Delete Junk Context Menu
  • DOM Inspector
  • Duplicate Contact Manager 0.6
  • EditHtml 0.2 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • Exit Button Thunderbird 0.5
  • Fix Attachments Icons View 0.2.2 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • Folderpane Tools
  • forwardas 0.1.1 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • ImportExportTools (Mboximport enhanced) 1.6.1 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • InspectorWidget 2.11.20080214
  • Mail Tweak 0.15 [From MozDev.Org]
  • MIME Edit 0.60
  • MoreFunctionsForAddressBook 0.5.1 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • MoreLayoutsforThunderbird 1.2 [From MozDev.Org]
  • MR Tech Local Install
  • NewsWorthy for Thunderbird 1.5 [Hacked MaxVer for 2.0+]
  • PrintingTools 0.2.4 [From Nic-Nac Project]
  • Talkback
  • Unselect Message 1.3 [Hacked MaxVer for 2.0+]
  • View Headers Toggle Button 2.0.1

Installed Themes: [2]

  • Sky Pilot Classic 1.1.20071129 [Active theme]
  • Thunderbird (default)

These represent what I want for Tb 3.0. Not a one is on any TOP 10 List.
--Ron K. 20:58, 29 April 2008 (PDT)

Draft List with Categories

Just to note that recommended extensions have to come from the AMO site, otherwise we can't provide the kind of installation path we're hoping for. As you can see in bug 425333 at the last comment there is work to improve this, but for now we can only look at extensions in AMO.

Here's a draft list I'm looking at right now with categories included, posted here for feedback.

  • Contacts
    • Contacts Sidebar
    • Addressbooks Synchronizer
    • Duplicate Contacts Manager

This category doesn't really need recommendations

  • Dictionaries & Language Packs
    •  ??
    •  ??

I haven't seen any discussion on this category, needs more thought.

  • Language Support
    •  ??
    •  ??
  • Message Reading
    • Image Zoom
    • QuoteCollapse
    • Nostalgy
    • GmailUI
  • Miscellaneous
    • FoxClocks
    • MinimizeToTray
    • Sync On Arrival
    • Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)
    • DictionarySearch

Relatively little discussion or talk about these kinds of extensions

  • News Reading
    • Display Mail User Agent Extension
    •  ?? Leet Key

Relatively little discussion or talk about these kinds of extensions

  • Privacy and Security
    • Enigmail
    •  ?? Password Exporter
  • Message Writing
    • Send Later
    • Signature Switch
    • Quicktext

Only a few extensions exist for this category so it may not make sense, however we may want to recommend the Growl Notifications in another category like Misc.

  • Alerts / Notifications
    • Growl Notifications 1.0.2
    •  ??

Need to have suggestions for this category, there is some discussion on the newsgroup of how this could change.

  • Mobile Synchronization
    •  ??
    •  ??
  • Calendaring & Appointments
    • Provider for Google Calendar
    • ReminderFox

I don't really feel like a developer category makes sense. This is going to face lots of Thunderbird users. These probably have to go under some other category.

  •  ?? Developer Tools
    • DOM Inspector
    • AboutConfig