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Meeting Details

  • 2:00pm Pacific Time (21:00 UTC) on Tuesdays
    • (5PM Eastern US, 11PM Oslo, 6AM (Wed) Seoul, 7AM (Wed) Melbourne)
  • Meeting ID: 8262746 (TAMARIN)
    • California: 408-536-9900
    • Toll-Free(US & Canada): 877-220-5439
    • International: +1-408-536-9900
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • join irc.mozilla.org #tamarin for attendence taking and questions

In Attendance

Dan Smith, Jeff Dyer, Jason Orendorff, Mark Hammond, Brendan Eich, Benjamin Smedberg, Rick Reitmaier

(Other attendees, add yourself to the attendance list)

Open Issues

Development Updates

Build System

See the Tamarin auto-build bug for status on this work item.


Working on MMgc modifications within browser.

  • Add support for interior pointers/multiple inheritance. Patch created, wants to review with Tom Reilly
  • Request model


Announcement from Mark Hammond:

I've opened https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=395734 with an initial prototype of an AXScript engine. This engine doesn't do much at all yet, but does enough to demonstrate some important concepts. In the bug I've asked about the specific names I've chosen (eg, 'tamarin-central/axscript' being the new directory, with the project being named 'axtam') and I welcome all feedback on that and anything else. Once I've got it all checked in, I'll then be asking for specific advice about how to best integrate with the VM.


No updates to report.

Self-hosting Compiler

Announcement from Jeff Dyer:

I've just pushed the initial version of ESC to tamarin-central. It still needs a lot of love, but it's a start. It compiles itself using the ES4 reference implementation (written in SML). The set of .abc files generated is good enough to interpret various simple expression statements on Tamarin, including of course: print('hello, world!'). Our next goal is to get ESC to compile itself on Tamarin.

You'll find the code and a small README file in tamarin-central/esc.


64-bit Port

  • No news to report.

Other work

  • Volunteers: post to Tamarin-devel your experience.