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Meeting Details

  • 2:00pm Pacific Time (21:00 UTC) on Tuesdays
    • (5PM Eastern US, 11PM Oslo, 6AM (Wed) Seoul, 7AM (Wed) Melbourne)
  • Meeting ID: 8262746 (TAMARIN)
    • California: 408-536-9900
    • Toll-Free(US & Canada): 877-220-5439
    • International: +1-408-536-9900
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • join irc.mozilla.org #tamarin for attendence taking and questions

In Attendance

(Other attendees, add yourself to the attendance list)

ActionMonkey status (Jason)

Working on MMGC thread safe mode (#ifdef'd)

Problem is that SM has a thread safe mode that it depends on extensively. Don't want to burden Tamarin with full feature set, but want to add minimal support into Tamarin and then backfill on SM side.

Goal is the get a review worthy patch into the bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=394297 in the next week.

Ed approved Jason's pending fix (bug #?). Ed added Tommy as reviewer though.

ScreamingMonkey (Mark)

No news. Has had to work his day job :)

Decimal (Steven)

Working with QA and Dick to get ASC changes to work. Should have something to check in later this week.

IronMonkey (sanxiyn)

Retargeting Mono C# compiler to Tamarin. Struggling with the Mono code.

Says: Hopefully I can present C# fibonacci number generator (my current target...) compiled to ABC next week.."

ESC (Erik)

Just checked in an ABC encoder/decoder that allows you to translate ABCs to text form and back.

This tool should be useful to sanxiyn and others who are generating ABCs by alternative means.