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Previous Action Items

Status Updates

Job Queue (owner: dminor/ted)

  • Modified Job message json to contain claim and finish endpoints.
  • Clean up/fixes to testing code.
  • Looking to merge in fixes for problems that show up while integrating worker and provisioner.
  • Next steps: Look at timing out RUNNING jobs, recovering jobs from dead workers.

Provisioner (owner: jonas)

Worker (owner: lightsofapollo, jonas, ted)

  - initial version ready (no live logging) but conforms to the API we set down

Task Graph (owner: aki)

  • Still not started yet due to b2g and mergeduty. I'll be at a dentist appt at this time; let me know if anyone has any questions for me.

Treeherder Integration (owner: jeads)

End-to-End Testing (ted)


Round Table

  • Think about interacting with ReleaseEngineering/Applications/RelengAPI? --dustin
  • Do existing tools like celery meet the need of the job queue? If not, what are they missing? --dustin
  • Suitability of http://paas.mozilla.org as a platform for services? --dustin (w/ cturra)
  • [dminor] What (if any) worker results should be passed to the job queue as part of calling finish?
    • Maybe when the job is claimed it should pick up a link the log and that is sufficient

Action Items