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{{spam}} creates an information box telling the user that the page content probably is spam and/or an advertisment with no connection to Mozilla or any of its sub-projects. It also states that the page, because of the content, is proposed for deletion. The box will show at the position on the page where you put the template (which always should be at the top of the page).

Flagging spam content

To flag a page as spam, you should do the following.

  1. Add this template to the top of the page you wish to report. The page will automatically be added to the category Category:Spam.
  2. Make an entry at the page MozillaWiki:Spam under the section header for the current date   (today's date is  2024–07–21 ).
Stop (medium size).png
Do not remove the page content!
Deletion of entire pages or all the content on a page should only be done by MozillaWiki administrators. The page will be listed under the category referred to above, and if it indeed is found to be a spam page, it will eventually be deleted.


There are no parameters.


To use the template, place the code

  • {{spam}}

at the top of the page.

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