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{{con}} (or {{under construction}}) creates an information box telling the user that the page in question is under construction. The box will show at the position on the page where you put the template and stretch horizontally to fill at least 40 % of the width of the available space, and vertically depending on how many rows of text are needed.

By default, the template will output the message "{{PAGENAME}} is still under construction. / Please check back later". The first row will always show, but the second row can be replaced by a custom text-string.

To use the template, add it to the top of the page.


There are 2 parameters, both optional, of which 1 is unnamed and 1 is named.


To use the full template, type {{con|custom text |date=date value }}.

For basic use, just type {{con}} or {{under construction}}.

Optional parameters


Custom text

This parameter is used to provide your own, custom text for the second (and any following) row, replacing the default text output (see above). It is unnamed, so no parameter name needs to be entered.

  • {{con|1}}


Date of announcement

By using this parameter, you can add the date you posted the template.

  • Use a date format that can be understood across cultures, languages and borders, i.e. either by using the ISO standard (YYYY-MM-DD), or by giving the name of the month in full or as an abbreviation (e.g. 24 Aug, 2014).
  • {{con|1|date=date value}}


Case What you type What you see
Basic use {{con}}
Custom text Development of this page has been halted until further notice.}}
With date Development of this page has been halted until further notice.|date=2015-01-02}}

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