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Retriggering Tasks

After running tests with visual metrics enabled on try you will notice that retriggering the tasks (along with the vismet tasks) is not straightforward. To retrigger them correctly, you will have to do the following:

  • In Treeherder, select the vismet task that you want to retrigger.
  • Click the Task link to inspect it in TaskCluster.
    Inspect visual metric task.png
  • Under Task Details click See More.
    See more task details.png
  • Under Dependencies click the browsertime task.
    Parent page load task.png
  • Scroll up and click the Treeherder job link.
    Link to Treeherder job.png
  • In the job details panel click the … and select Custom Action.
    Trigger custom action.png
  • Select the retrigger action if it wasn't already selected.
  • Set downstream to true.
  • Enter the number of times it should be retriggered in times.
    Retriggering with downstream tasks.png
  • Retrigger!

See bug 1602893 for more information on this issue.

Backfilling Tasks

If you are back-filling jobs for finding a performance regression and an existing push does not have the target test, then when you are selecting the test to run, make sure you select the vismet job and it will trigger the test task.