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This page aims to list the community members who are currently contributing any type of work to the Mozilla Thunderbird project on a regular basis.

The form (e.g. list/table) and order or appearance is under consideration and new people/tasks are still added. The page is currently maintained by aceman.

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Warning: This document is work in progress.

(I am thinking about linking to the profile of each contributor. I'd like all contributors listed here who have a Mozillians profile to review the data there and set up the fields which are OK to be displayed for public view.)


Code Developers

Key developers / module owners / module peers

Produce much of the Thunderbird code. See Modules/MailNews_Core and Modules/Thunderbird for their respective roles and modules.

Mark Banner (:standard8) - Thunderbird product manager, [Mozilla staff member]

David Bienvenu (:bienvenu) - Thunderbird product manager

Kent James (:rkent) - also addon developer (e.g. ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange, FiltaQuilla)

Mike Conley (:mconley) [Mozilla staff member]

Joshua Cranmer (:jcranmer)

Jim Porter (:squib) [Mozilla staff member]

Neil Rashbrook (:NeilAway)

Jonathan Protzenko (:protz) [contractor ???]

Andrew Sutherland (:asuth)

Blake Winton (:bwinton) - Thunderbird UX lead, [Mozilla staff member]

Magnus Melin (:mkmelin)

Irving Reid (:irving) [Mozilla staff member]

Siddharth Agarwal (:sid0)

Florian Quèze (:florian) [Mozilla staff member]

Patrick Cloke (:clokep)

Andreas Nilsson (:andreasn)

Richard Marti (:paenglab)

Josiah Bruner (:JosiahOne)

Karsten Düsterloh (:mnyromyr)

Kai Engert (:kaie)


Regularly produce patches.

Andrei Hajdukewycz (:sancus) - website development, e.g.,, [Mozilla staff member]

John Hopkins (:jhopkins) - release engineering [Mozilla staff member]

Ben Bucksch (:BenB)

Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) - backend [Mozilla-Japan staff member]

Makoto Kato (:mkato) - backend [Mozilla-Japan staff member]

Ishikawa Chiaki - backend

:alta88 - RSS feeds

:aceman - Account manager UI, Filters UI, small tweaks anywhere, bug triage (BMO)

:nomis101 - Mac issues ???

Upcoming developers

They are new to the community and produce occasional patches.

Atul Jangra (:atuljangra) - IMAP and Instantbird fixes

Jens Müller (:tessarakt) - News

David Lechner (:dlech) - IMAP

Zeyu (:car) - Filelink

Suyash Agarwal (:sshagarwal) - both backend and front end fixes

Retired developers

Produced a good amount of patches but unfortunately have left the project as far as we know.

Philippe Chiasson (:gozer) - build config
Serge Gautherie
Seth Spitzer

Seamonkey developers

Contributing to Thunderbird via fixes/reviews in common MailNews code or build system. See Modules/SeaMonkey for their roles.

Ian Neal (:IanN)

Justin Wood (:Callek)

Philip Chee (:Ratty)

Add-on developers

Produce add-ons for Thunderbird distributed via

Patrick Brunschwig - Enigmail

Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen) - Lightning [Linagora staff member]

Matthew Mecca - Lightning

:Decathlon - Lightning

Stefan Sitter (:ssitter) - Lightning

Jonathan - Conversations

Axel Grude (:RealRaven) - QuickFolders, quickFilters, QuickPasswords, Zombie Keys, SmartTemplate4, AMO editor

Leni Mayo - Zindus

Sebastian Hengst (:Archaeopteryx) - add-on reviews, German TB translation review, add-on translation, German forum, light coding, updating outdated code constructs.

Quality Assurance / Support


Provide user support and help with user problems on GetSatisfaction support site. See for more details. We list people with about 100 stars or 1000 replies.

Roland Tanglao (:rolandtanglao) - Thunderbird Technical Support Lead [Mozilla staff member]

Wayne Mery (:wsmwk)

Matt Harris (:mattau)

Vincent Plainfossé (:cameleon)

Chris Ramsden (:Xenos)



Anje Yelf

Steve Howes (:sfhowes)






:Bernd S

Michael Pasek (no longer active; was our number one support contributor in 2010 but left for job and real life :-) reasons in 2011)

Knowledge Base

Authors of articles in the Knowledge base at

Jennifer Zickerman (:jenzed) [Mozilla staff member]

Vincent Plainfossé (:cameleon)

Chris Ramsden (:Xenos)

Thomas Düllmann (Thomas D.)




Bug triaging on (BMO).

Ludovic Hirlimann (:Usul) - QA lead [Mozilla staff member]

Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) - also Knowledge base author


Thomas Düllmann (Thomas D.) - also contributor


Contributors to the MozillaZine forums and knowledge base at

JoeS - Thunderbird builds thread

Eric Moore (:tanstaafl) - moderator on the MozillaZine forums. Written some of the Thunderbird knowledge base articles there. Also a getsatisfaction poster.

Dean Strickland (:Bozz) - forum poster, also a Nightly tester

Joachim Herb - forum poster, also author of CompactHeader extension

:rsx11m - author of numerous MozillaZine Knowledge base articles. Nightly tester and patch contributor for TB as well as SeaMonkey.

Supporting organizations

Mozilla - Gervase Markham (:gerv) [Mozilla staff member], Jean-Baptiste Piacentino (:jb) [Mozilla staff member]

Ubuntu - Chris Coulson (:chrisccoulson) and Micah Gersten



Redhat??? - Jan Horak (:jhorak)


There are more than 20 000 beta testers. We can't list all of them here but their work is still appreciated.


Translating Thunderbird into tons of languages.

Current localization teams can be found on the L10n:Teams page.


Reaching out to the public and distributing information about Thundebird.

Benjamin Kerensa (:bkerensa) - Marketing, Evangelism, Twitter/Google+/Facebook accounts


Ryan VanderMeulen (:ryanVM) - patch check-ins [Mozilla staff member]

Also check out for other people that support us.