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Welcome. Thunderbird in the Enterprise wiki is a community, and a place to get information about using Thunderbird in enterprises and large organizations. Topics include deployment, configuration, management, and discussion of important bugs and strategic issues.

Please help the community by:

News and Discussion

  • In 'tb-enterprise' community you can learn what others are doing, ask for help, and give help to others. (see message archive for past discussions)
  • In Planet Thunderbird are Thunderbird team's various blogs. Links to contributors blogs can be found in the right sidebar of the home page if you want to avoid the Planet Mozilla "firehose"!
  • At Thunderbird wiki you can find information on all aspects of Thunderbird

Enterprise related Key Bugs in Bugzilla

If you want to look at enterprises related bugs, please visit

To get notices of progress as the bugs are fixed, and as new bugs are added, you should subscribe (Cc) to the meta bug. A meta bug is not for 'work' or discussion. Development of solutions occurs in the bugs which are linked to the meta.
If you want to submit an enterprise related bug, please add "enterprise" bugs to the meta so that they get proper attention, after carefully reading the criteria for blocking [1], [2].


If you want to deploy Thunderbird ESR and access the download page, please follow this link Thunderbird for Organizations.

We have gathered some articles specific to enterprise needs:

Solutions Providers

We are by definition a collaborative, open source project since inception, therefore solution providers are more than welcome to look at our code and make solutions we would not have developed. We don't have any certification process in place, but you will find a non exhaustive list of solution providers that can complete and/or facilitate your enterprise deployment.

New Wiki page with Solution Providers.


Mozilla Enterprise working Group

If like many other enterprises you are interested in Mozilla beyond Thunderbird, you will probably feel like to follow up what's happening within the Enterprise Working Group: