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tb-enterprise is a mailing list to discuss topics related to the deployment and configuration of Thunderbird in large organizations. It's a community for mutual support for everyday tasks based on first-hand experience, and a forum for fostering better tools, documentation, options, and functionalities.

We invite you to subscribe at and encourage you to participate.

tb-enterprise is reflected into a Google Group for archival and web-reading purposes.

By default tb-enterprise is an un-moderated list:

  • Anyone can subscribe. And anyone can read the messages.
  • Anyone subscriber can post. Presently, posts from subscribers are not moderated.

Messages should be on topic and:

  1. Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  2. Be constructive (in other words, no repetition, venting, etc.)

Messages that do not meet these rules may result in moderation of the subscriber. Whitelisting membership may be used at the discretion of the list-owners (currently vseerror at, mbanner at, jb at

For more information see Thunderbird in enterprise environments.

If you want to contribute to the project and engage as a developer, please check our main Thunderbird Communications Channels page and have a look at the Developers section.