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ISPDB Meeting Details :


Action Items





Could everyone list out their IRC username so we can know who's who...

  • Eric Henry: ehenry5
  • Blake Winton: bwinton
  • Jay Schmidek: schmidek
  • Lindauson Hazell: lindauson
  • Dana McDougal: Dana
  • Louie Dinh: louie

Status Updates

Louie Dinh

@Code Sprint Installed Nose Wrote first unit test for adding a new email domain. Started on xml unit tests.

@Home Added fixture for xml unit testing Wrote first unit test for xml

Plans: submit a patch to add the nose testing framework. Should include: Nose settings in fixtures directory + 1 test fixture first unit test for xml export function

Develop a couple more unit tests.

Lindauson Hazell

Prior to Code Sprint:

1. Learn Python

2. Become familiar with specifications of the UCOSP Thunderbird Project

Code Sprint 09/25/09 - 09/27/09:

1. Setup Django

2. Setup SVN repo (Thanks Eric)

3. Setup Mecurial repo specific to UCOSP Thunderbird team (Thanks Eric)

4. Configure server...

5. Run first unit test

6. Learn how to create a patch and submit it on Bugzilla

7. Begin creating first unit test

Week following Code Sprint 09/27/09 - 10/03/09:

1. Continue unit testing (ispdb_list)...

Eric Henry

Code sprint:
Setup mercurial, submitted bugs and patches to bugzilla, and started writing unit tests.

Continued writing unit tests.

Next week:
Continue writing unit tests, finish patch for bugzilla, finish installing centralized mercurial repo.

Dana McDougal

Coding Sprint:

  • Installed Mercurial/NOSE
  • Learned how to submit patches

Remainder of This Week & Next Week:

  • Work on unit tests for logout
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

  • Wrote unit tests for domain model and adding new domains to ispdb.
  • Submitted patch for unit tests.

This Week:

  • Write some more unit tests.
  • Take a look at reviews for submitted patch and fix as needed