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ISPDB Meeting Details :

Note: We will be using conference room 4401.


Action Items





Status Updates

Louie Dinh

Last Week:

  • Submitted patch for installing unit tests and nose
  • Revised README for nose installation instructions
  • Updated Django version to 1.1
  • Fixed up patch as per Blake's suggestions

This Week:

  • Figure out queue view function + write unit tests for it.
  • Final touch ups to my patch before submitting it for check in!
  • Update UCOSP blog on licensing issues
Lindauson Hazell

Week following Code Sprint 09/27/09 - 10/03/09:

1. Continue unit testing (ispdb_list)...

This week 10/04/09 - 10/10/09:

1. Could'nt run test on machine, also kept getting Template error on the server:

    a. Resolved the test problem.
    b. Template error unresolved (used the fix posted on Thunderbird/ISPDB) with no success. 

2. I should be done with my "ispdb_list" tests soon... not being able to run tests on my machine was a major debacle.

Eric Henry

Last Week:

  • Mostly finished bug patch for (still need to add attachment)

Next Week:

  • Finish unit tests for /details/ URL
Dana McDougal
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

  • Fixed up code style and revised some tests. Wrote a few more tests and submitted revised patch.

This Week:

  • Make sure everything for submitted patch is good.
  • Look into validation for incoming/outgoing port fields. Tests for adding domains with negative and long port numbers fail right now.


Blake, Louie, Jay.