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ISPDB Meeting Details :

Note: We will be using conference room 4401.


Action Items


Bugs! (

Blake - I found out recently that the first Release Candidate of Thunderbird 3.0 would block on some of the ISPDB bugs. So this week, please go to the url above, look at all the bugs with a severity of P1, pick one that no-one else is working on, leave a comment to claim it (or assign it to yourself if you have edit permissions), and try to fix it. I'm hoping to see a reviewed patch with unit tests and a fix for your bug from each of you by the next meeting.

If you get stuck on a problem, please post to the ISPDB mailing list, or ask in the #education channel. There might be people who have run into similar problems before, and would love to help you out. And you might get marks for every question you ask, if you all decide that's what you want to be marked on.




Status Updates

Louie Dinh

This Week: - Worked on queue unit test but ran into some issues. Asking around for the best way to test this feature -Tidied up patch and flagged as waiting for checkin - Did some preliminary work for bug#518315 (pre-fill default ports). I think I have something that will work.

Next Week: Finish up queue function unit tests once I get some replies. Submit a preliminary patch for bug#518315 for review Hopefully get to checkout a new version of ISPDB with my patch in the source tree =].

Lindauson Hazell

This week 10/11/09 - 10/17/09:

I've tried all I know and still none of my tests run. I've not been able to get help from IRC # education. Dr. Case (UVI's Software Engineering Prof.) has setup a meeting with me to try to resolve my issues.

I hope to finally get a test running before the next meeting.

Eric Henry

Sorry I missed this one, I was home sick and totally forgot about the meeting.

Last Week:

Worked on getting my patch to actually get 2 plus reviews (sheesh).

This Week:

- Finish patch 518840.
- Complete unit tests for /details/
- Fix bug 522251

Dana McDougal
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

  • Ran into some problems fixing patch. All the tests are working for me but a couple are throwing errors for Blake.
  • Setup ispdb stuff on a linux box because I have not enjoyed working on this in windows.

This Week:

  • Fix tests and submit revised patch again.
  • Look into validation for adding domains to fix failing tests.


Blake, Louie, Jay.