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ISPDB Meeting Details :

Note: We will be using conference room 4401.


Action Items





Screencast is up to us to decide how and what we are going to do.

We can all do our own screencast, we can do one for the whole thing, or we can break it up into different sections (features, dev setup, etc.)

Status Updates

Louie Dinh

Last Week: Worked on patch for 522253 (XML validation)

Next Week: Finish up patch for 522253 because blake promises I will get a r+ this time =] Work on patch for 518315 - fixing up as per review

Lindauson Hazell
Eric Henry

Last Week:

  • Made changes to [ ] in order to get it into source repository
  • Filed new bug for security problem [ ]
  • Started screencast

This Week:

  • Make suggested changes to [ ]
  • Work/fix security problem [ ]
  • Work more on screencast
Dana McDougal
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

  • Fixed a few things and submitted updated patch for [ ].
  • Worked on a revised patch and test cases for [ ].

This Week:

  • Finish up test cases and submit revised patch for [ ].
  • File a bug for and work on, restricting the number of domains that can be added.


Blake, Eric, Jay.