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ISPDB Meeting Details :

Note: We will be using conference room 4401.


Action Items





Status Updates

Louie Dinh

This Week: Finished up patch for 522253 + Checked in.

Next Week: Work on 522253 - Autofill ports Submit WIP patch for 522253 - round trip test.

Lindauson Hazell
Eric Henry

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • Continue work on bug 522251
  • Move code for fix to bug 530721 to current repository status
  • Screencast!
Dana McDougal
Jay Schmidek

Last Week:

  • Worked a bit on revised patch for bug 522250 just need to write up a few test cases still.

This Week:

  • Write some test cases for bug 522250.
  • File a bug for and work on, restricting the number of domains that can be added.

Note: I won't be able to make it to the meeting next Wednesday, I have a final at the time.