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This is generally a quick check to make sure that we've set the right milestones on bugs. This helps with formulating the list of bugs that have been fixed in a particular release.

Setting Up

You may need to get and install

Followed by the following python modules (prefix each with easy_install to install):

  • remoteobjects
  • python-dateutil

Then get the bztools code and install it:

$ git clone git://
$ python install


  • Clone the drivertools repository:
$ hg clone
  • cd into a clean comm-central (or aurora depending on what you are checking) repo (i.e. no mq, up to date etc) and run the script
$ cd ../comm-central
$ python ../drivertools/ --no_auth --version 16.0 \
  --firstrev AURORA_BASE_20120604 --lastrev AURORA_BASE_20120716
  • firstRev
    • this wants to be the AURORA_BASE_<date> tag at the start of the release cycle on trunk e.g. look at the rapid release calendar, alongside Thunderbird 11 is 2011-11-08; so you want AURORA_BASE_20111108.
  • lastRev
    • this wants to be the AURORA_BASE_<date> tag at the end of the release cycle on trunk e.g. look at the rapid release calendar, alongside Thunderbird 12 is 2011-12-20; so you want AURORA_BASE_20111220.
    • if this release hasn't branched yet, then just use default

Checking results

Note: At the end of the script run there are some handy urls to give easy access to the list of bugs found with issues

The output of the script will look something like:

No bug for 8824: remove cache-defeating test code from account provisioner. rs=standard8.
No bug for 8825: added tag aurora_base_20111108 for changeset 9a930641d132 a=auroramerge dontbuild closed tree
No bug for 8826: version bumps for seamonkey and thunderbird a=auroramerge closed tree
No bug for 8831: version bump for lightning r=me
No bug for 8883: update test pilot version to 1.3.1 to match that uploaded to amo. a=standard8 dontbuild

These type of message are generally ok, although in this case 8824 should have possibly had a bug reference. We can't do anything about that now.

Checking bugs
Bug 193281 ok!
Bug 550478 ok!
Bug 700947 ok!

Obviously, these bugs were ok for this run.

Bug 701875 landed from product Core
Bug 700604 landed from product SeaMonkey

These landings were from a different product (i.e not 'Thunderbird' or 'Mailnews Core')

Bug 306324 has incorrect target milestone ---
Bug 611233 has incorrect target milestone Thunderbird 12.0

These have incorrect target milestone. There can be several cases here:

  • Forgotten to set the milestone (typically the '---' case)
    • If the bug is fixed, just set the milestone.
    • If the bug isn't fixed, then typically there's more work to do, but check that if necessary (i.e. check that the bug wasn't marked as not fixed).
  • Incorrect target milestone
    • This could be several things
      • The bug got the wrong milestone set - hence correct it
      • The bug was backed out and re-landed in a later release, so just leave it along
      • The bug had several fixes spanning releases - In this case leave the milestone at the latest release in which it was completely fixed, unless the follow-up patches were just extra tidy up.