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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items


  • AI:clarkbw continuing to drive MailNews:Address Book New Card
    • Getting started, mockups soon to come up post-discussion.
    • Standard8 and dmose will help with this.
  • AI:clarkbw create design on wiki for Experimental Message View
  • AI:emre begin work on imap preemptive message download feature
  • AI:dmose Thunderbird 3 roadmap and planning with davida.
    • AI:dmose split out into roadmap and beyond plus concrete stuff for alpha 2
      • NOTE: specific mention needs to be made of quality goals
  • AI:nth10sd Gathering ideas on a proposed unit test infrastructure and come up with a newsgroup post.


Moving these to closed only because they aren't meant to be kept open

  • AI:davida guided form doesn't allow version unsetting
  • AI:davida bugzilla should _refuse_ unspecified version
  • AI:davida version field UI in bugzilla should be clarified
  • AI:davida should have "file bug" menu item in nightlies/alphas
    • Standard8: carry over to next week for davida response

These were closed

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • When
    • Planned code freeze: July 8, 23:59 Pacific

QA Updates

  • continuing with only session 2 staffed
  • we've stall slightly in terms of numbers of bug changed, but that's to be expected on the cusp of summer and the trend of UNCO reduction is still very good
  • two good prospects for coming on board to help Gary and Wayne


  • Status Updates
    • sipaq
      • Can't make the call unfortunately. Have to catch a flight.
      • Posted inquiry about l10n participation for TB3 pre-releases to newsgroup. Got huge positive feedback, lots of localizers have pledged their support
      • Current status:
        • Languages with green tinderbox: cs, de, fr, it, ka, ko, lt, nb-NO, nl, nn-NO, pl, ru, sk, sv-SE, zh-CN
        • Languages with orange tinderbox: be, es-ES, pa-IN, tr
        • Languages with red tinderbox: af, bg, ca, da, el, en-GB, es-AR, eu, fi, ga-IE, gu-IN, he, hu, ja, ja-JP-mac, mk, mn, pt-PT, pt-BR, ro, sl, zh-TW
        • Current TB tinderbox status available at
    • dmose
      • prodded folks for review of Venkman lossage which landed in tree - bug 428848
      • created new shared searches in bugzilla for 3.0a2 flags
      • more submodule review discussion driving
      • reviewed patch to make printing localize the Date header properly - bug 294356
    • nth10sd
      • Gathering ideas on proposed unit test infrastructure, will have a newsgroup post up over the next couple of days.
      • Figured out how to use DOMi with Thunderbird.
      • Bugday, triage activities, too many exact bug numbers to list.
    • Standard8
      • Various reviews
      • Mac OS X Address Book
        • Two problems have been filed: bug 437903 can't send to OS X mailing lists and bug 437908 filters don't work correctly for checks within OS X address book.
        • Started work on bug 437975 which fixes a non-mork mailing list send problem, which will lead into fixing bug 437903
        • I think I know the cause of bug 437908 will investigate this week
      • Automated Testing
        • fake SMTP server now in tree (bug 436847 after fixing problems due to the file format. Lots of documentation added to the idl files, also added a very basic auth test.
        • Helped rkent debug an intermittent problem with bug 228675 - events were not always happening in the order expected.
      • Autocomplete
        • bug 438333 - Reworked how address book autocomplete selection works to make bug 370306 easier and tidier.
        • bug 370306 - Progressed so that most of local address book search now works on the toolkit interfaces.
      • Misc
        • bug 437619 centralise and de-branch the address book results view UI code, which will lead onto fixing bug 438035 which is causing leaks (not freeing memory until shutdown) and unnecessary re-initialisations.
    • asuth.
    • bienvenu
      • Worked on bug 436151 - basic code written, but now I need a server to test against.
      • Helped jminta with his RDF-removal patches
      • Sped up opening saved searches bug 436960
      • Other code reviews, regression fixes, and support on #maildev
    • Emre
      • Made changes to the patch of bug 435153 - review pending
      • Submitted patch for bug bug 413874
      • Mainly worked on bug 436615
      • Better Faster IMAP Feature 2 is updated with alternative implementation plans:
        • Waiting Bienvenu to validate the information at section Existing Behavior, and How it works
        • Planning to make a decision today to choose the implementation plan suits TB deadline best. Conference call after this meeting? bienvenu? others?
    • Gozer
      • Lots of initial MoCo setup for me (LDAP account, Blog, Planet, etc)
      • Lots of reading about the existing Build/Release infrastructure
      • Joined the #sysadmins cabal on IRC
      • MoMo has it's own bugzilla product
        • MoMo IT/BE has it's own bugzilla component
        • I can now use it to track remaining IT work items
        • I still need to fix the IT request form to deal with the now 2 IT groups
      • Apple X-Serve is there, needs to be installed by MoCo IT
      • SuperMicro Blades are there too, need some configuring.
      • Prettied up my blog, ready to include on Planet Mozilla bug 438058
      • This week, I am targetting the Thunderbird:Build#Build_Machines Machines as described, with some of rick's help
    • clarkbw
    • wsmwk
      • made key contacts with some intl community about publicity for bugday
      • made direct contact with 100+ recent bug reporters who have bugzilla privs (identified via bugzilla query/report) who don't appear to be currently involved in triage, inviting them to participate in QA.
      • suggested mailnews triage ideas in m.d.a.seamonkey - SM bugs that may tie into next big mailnews improvements.
    • rick
      • nothing to add this week
    • beckley
      • Created a SeaMonkey patch for a filter bug I had fixed: bug 368218.
      • Updated the Reply Quoting Selection patch with dmose's latest comments and some i18n issues: bug 23394.
      • Finished off the auto open mailbox code when new messages arrive.
      • Reworked our IMAP Refresh Folder List code with the latest Mozilla sources which have less RDF presence.


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