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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes?
    • Bryan

Action Items


  • dmose: clarifying post about how TB 3.0 roadmap should work w.r.t feature freeze, string freeze, etc.
    • Will blog about dates talked about
  • sipaq: file a bug on getting a thunderbird aggregator going on
    • Not on call
  • unknown: file a bug on getting a
    • gozer: we have DNS and servers, need someone to make planet look nice


  • davida: Shredder Alpha 2 release notes bug
  • dmose: Create flags/searches for beta 2 (bug 450237 filed for target milestone stuff; actual blocking 3.0b2 can probably wait since it clutters UI)
  • wsmwk: posted to the l10n community about testing alpha2 builds for which there are l10n builds available.

Thunderbird:Shredder a2

  • QA 3.0a2 completed, including some focus on l10n. Highlights:
    • Smoketested: XP+Vista, Mac Intel, linux, some locales. BFT: XP/Vista, linux de+en-US (wtg henry.nestler, et al!). Several locales spot checked. Nothing: Vista 64 (trunk build was smoketested), Mac PPC
    • 9 bugs filed or pending, including 1 against locale
    • 11 of 15 locales look good
    • Highly distributed, all volunteer testing is challenging as expected (compared to moco's QA "duties assigned", managed and executed by experienced "pros") :
      • In tracking and assessing end results, difficult to determine who tested how much of which tests. Don't think litmus can tell us, eg person X completed 100% of BFT for Mac PPC.
      • Inexperienced volunteers = every QA initiative will have some mistakes in testing, and hand holding
    • To Do - exit poll of a) QA participants to determine what worked and didn't and solicit suggestions, b) people who volunteered but didn't help, to determine what factor(s) resulted in their not helping (no feedback was posted in newsgroups)
    • Need improved plan for beta 1 QA, including reassess time expectations and organization of volunteers.
    • Need to assess changes wanted in litmus to improve testing management and user environment of beta 1... (eg. bug 450143 don't populate Build ID# if test is non-browser product). bug 355585 ability for other users to continue with a test suite run. More after postmortem.

Thunderbird 3

  • What makes a good release?
    • adoption
    • "a project that I want to follow"
    • usability, "delight bugs"
  • Demonstration of trajectory
  • Identify big areas of value & schedule risk
    • Action Item (everyone): nominate important bugs for blocking? and wanted?
    • Action Item (drivers): spend some time triaging nominations
    • Schedule driver meeting this week to attack triage blockers/wanted
      • Friday Aug 15th @ 9:30 am PST
  • davida:
    • release notes were really difficult, user visible changes were few yet so many changes happened
    • Action Item (everyone): look for delight bugs for the next release
    • there is already a large list of wanted and blockers, many of which won't be done. drivers triage these

Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • Blockers (3):
    • bug 450038 (Owner: Unknown) "Help | Shredder Help" doesn't redirect to a help site of the applications locale.
    • bug 449949 (Owner: bienvenu) Changing sort of Subject or From to Descending breaks sorting.
    • bug 449202 (Owner/Driver: Standard8) Get Thunderbird L10N builds working on comm-central
  • Proposed Blockers (5)
    • 2 are autocomplete transfer to toolkit - as discussed in last week's meeting, nominated as high level feature.
    • Other 3 need more work & decisions.

QA Updates

  • Bugday results were excellent, with near record activity
  • Offline/online bug triage initiated last week. of 78 bugs: 7 closed, 16 others touched. Still a big list. Will hit it again this week.
  • patch help (ph?) idea (previously referenced as patch day) - help bugs with patches that need help


Status Updates

  • final sr pass over nsIAbCard refactoring bug 413260
  • iterated a bunch more on Weave TB integration bug 447882
  • nailed down issues around Weave crashing in debug builds; nominated NSS update to block 1.9.1 bug 447882
  • did an interview w/dascher for How Software Is Built
  • pushed several minor weave fixes
  • lots of catchup on news, email, bugs, etc; still behind :-/
  • Fixed bugday result queries post-Bugzilla reorg, hopefully they turn out right for Thursday's bugday.
  • Lots of bug triage.
    • Doing in sets of 40 - 60, using carefully aimed queries for closemes.
    • Quite a significant number of folks (>10) respond, most say WFM, a smaller number either no additional info to be provided or the bug is still present.
    • closemes will really be resolved incomplete in 2-3 weeks, unless more info is provided.
  • Shredder Alpha 2 changelog out on The Rumbling Edge.
    • Based on bugzilla queries, not bonsai.
    • Excludes platform-wide fixes.
  • Sidenote: Extremely different timezones for me now, my updates may be slightly later than the meeting itself.
  • Reviews
  • Address Book
    • Added short term planning section to Address Book roadmap - includes proposed milestones
    • bug 449260 Replace RDF driven AB menus with xbl versions
      • In review loop
    • Started work on bug 437908 - fix search/filter in Mac OS X AB, depends on Joshua's patch for bug 449618
    • bug 445891 Removed obsolete mail.collect_email_address_preferences
  • Autocomplete
    • Started looking at what is required for the remaining feature parity for xpfe versus toolkit autocomplete
  • Build Config
    • bug 449202 Ported some work to TB for getting l10n builds working in mozilla-central.
    • bug 448339 Updated the application update url version (for checking for nightly builds, will mean we can do OS specific major updates)
  • Misc
  • gloda work
    • nsIMsgDBView fundamentals working (displays things/threads too; properties/view stuff needs love). feels like some speed issues, may need to more aggressively cache things into the node abstraction layer. also, verify that C++ code is actually faster on my box for those folder sizes anyways...
    • 'collection manager' (generating add/modified/removed events for messages/things as they are added/updated/removed)
    • hooked up Standard8's autocomplete proof-of-concept to Bryan's experimental toolbar, will start wiring it up to gloda...
  • getting gloda into the tree...
    • plan to get started on unit tests soon, probably looking at this weekend for patch-tachment.
  • Found fix for bug 449949 – changing sort of Subject or From to Descending breaks sorting
  • Continued work on bug 379806 - adding grouping&threading to saved searches.
  • Fixed bug 213827 - IMAP offline stores are deleted when connecting to server fails
  • Got our hands on scrubbed Win32 Ref Platform Image bug 440480
    • Still need to compare that with what we are running
  • We are now master of our own DNS! bug 439076
  • We now have Thunderbird start page logs bug 438059
    • What do we want to do with it?
  • Calendar/Lighting/gdata Buildbots
  • Blog aggregator
  • Thunderbird on OS X : mZdiff:-1660944264 (-1.66Gb) bug 448003
  • XCode 3.1 & OS X 10.5
  • Monitoring
    • We are now monitoring tons more of internal stuff
    • We (I) am now being paged when anything funny happens
    • We (I) am now being paged when MoCo's TB buildbots go broken
  • Working on the IT Roadmap
  • Day off: Friday (not 100% certain yet)
  • Reviewed
    • bug 445088 quote_inline and mail.content_disposition_type prefs
    • Most of the bugs linked to the prefs UI cleanup bug 448716, ping me if I missed one
    • bug 132121 can't undo shift-delete
    • bug 408338 session restore
  • Created new toolbar prototype for TB3, will be filing bug regarding changes soon.
  • Will be out on Friday and Monday
  • Bugday and triage offline/online bugs
  • QA 3.0a2
  • Filing bugs against litmus
  • BIFF and new flag issues
    • bug 441932 "Keep lists of new messages only in nsMsgDBFolder" still needs an initial comment on overall approach by bienvenu before I can make further progress. Existing patch has already bitrotted.
    • bug 347994 I've been pushing for some reviews of this simple patch to fix an intermittent issue in display of the new mail dialog - but it's hard because the existing code claims it is fixing some obscure layout problem that nobody knows about.
  • Junk mail
    • bug 449768 "Reindexing should save junk-related metadata" I started work on this after discussions on m.d.a.thunderbird about direction.
    • Junk Percent views: I've had various discussions about how and whether to display the junkpercent variable. I currently believe it should be displayed as a number in a a "Possible Junk" view.
    • bug 444220 "Can't change junk folder in account settings" I've got an initial patch for this regression, but I want to check it again before review.
    • Other: I want to do some work on tokenization soon to clean up how tokens are selected. This would include 1) eliminate worthless common tokens such as Message-ID, 2) test including "," as a token limiter so we can pickup comma-delimited items in headers (such as SA rule match fields), 3) investigate why header tokens are not length-limited.
  • Misc
    • bug 438414 I've got a fix for this crasher, but the fix leaks. I'm in the middle of dealing now with the glories of reference counting cycles to get it to not crash and not leak.
  • Auditing Thunderbird mktg messages.
  • Working on product analysis, Zimbra, Windows [Live] Mail, Mac Mail.
  • Working on Thunderbird dashboard and baseline metrics.
  • Wrapping up toi/data transfer of Thunderbird 2 marketing/pr launch activities and Start page.


davida, dmose, Standard8, asuth, bienvenu, emre, gozer, clarkbw, wsmwk, KaiRo, rkent, rebron