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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? --> rebron - may be out?
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Calls For Help

  • davida would appreciate assistance on the autoconfiguration branch. (The awesome create-a-new-account screen where you just enter your e-mail address and it figures out most/all of the details for you.) One particular area that could use assistance is handling certificates in the connection detection logic.
    • bienvenu has done some work in bug 429843 on sorting out the certificate handling for incoming email.
      • bienvenu says : cert exception dialog landed for beta 1 with no string changes (existing strings are in nss)
      • dmose says: I need to make a separate pref for each different reading contexts. Document it and make a patch for it. Should be ready for review by thursday.

Action Items



  • dmose: drive JS-in-mail discussion
    • Crash-stats is looking reasonable at the moment. Do we still want to do this?
    • We would like our own server, but it's not as urgent as it was.
  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.


  • need to announce new code freeze date on tinderbox
  • davida: will escalate issue of separate messaging crash-stats server
    • We're going to do it, gozer will address as an IT issue.
  • Gloda needs to be more documented in order to make the feature more visible to the users (asuth)
    • asuth should just do this, not an action required here.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

  • bienvenu is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • String freeze from: 2008-11-13
  • Code Freeze date: 2008-11-25

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • DevRoadmap is updated. What left to do on Calendar is not clear.
    • Overall progress is very good.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates

  • Unlikely to have a bugday this week (i.e. Nov 27), Thanksgiving among the reasons.
  • bug 464247 - w32 build symbols missing since 2008-10-30 - impedes identifying top crashers on trunk
    • Fixed as of 2008-11-20 nightly build.
  • bug 445090 covers lack of Thunderbird symbols for Mac builds. Should be fixed soon according to Ted.
  • Possible test writing day this weekend.
  • new channel for firebot comm-central activity - to be tb-bugs or thunderbird-bugs.


Status Updates

  • worked on patch for collapsed header view
  • reviewed patches to fix gloda unit tests on windows (bug 465882)
  • reviewed patch to make gloda initial indexing sweep cleaner (bug 466083)
  • reviewed gloda subcollection fix (bug 463776)
  • continued JS-in-mail work
  • Worked on getting MozMill working on Thunderbird w/ gozer & standard8
  • ViewAbout 1.0 for Thunderbird released! (and out of experimental-land too!)
  • bug 466170 - work in progress
  • Python script to post process csv files off bugzilla still in progress.
  • Will be sporadic online for approximately the next 2 weeks.
  • Reviews
  • Website updates: Staff Page, What's New Page
  • bug 465860 "From" address is not selected from multiple identities correctly anymore. r=bienvenu
  • Looked at possibilities around bug 338549 Mailnews account password prompts at startup no longer serial. Will document plan this week.
  • Started looking at MozMill integration and automated testing. Still need to come up with a plan, but have some ideas now.
  • Reviews and Driving Beta 1
  • Preprompt for master password if user has it protecting passwords and fetches new mail on startup, bug 437635
  • Fixed regression saving views and quick searches as saved search, bug 466510
  • Fixed bug 466507 regression crash in nsImapProtocol::SetupWithUrl
  • Fixed bug 464808, clean up duplicate servers and accounts w/o servers
  • Fixed showing of the junk button in the message header pane, bug 464310
  • Fixed a couple issues expunging imap folders, bug 420115,bug 465385
  • Fixed bug 465011 - issues with switching between threading/grouping/flat in saved searches
  • Fixed bug 465267, folder view (e.g., favorite, unread...} not persisted
  • Added a special timeout of 20 seconds for imap append, instead of using the default of 100, will help with copy to sent folder with dead connections, bug 396874
  • Put up add exception dialog when we get cert error for imap, pop3, and smtp, bug 429843
  • Make compact all imap folders not leave .msf files open, bug 249754
  • Build
    • Did some experiments with MozMill & MozRunner
    • Progress with crash-stats and build symbols
  • Infrastructure
    • Phone Server is live
    • Vancouver phones are alive
    • Web interface
    • Let me know if you want your own extension
  • Behind on bugmail, thanks to SIP/VoIP
  • topcrash/crash issues
    • pushing on/monitoring symbols, breakpad and bugs and issues
    • monitoring and helping TB crash bugs along
  • jumped into gloda and extensions bugmail, User:Clarkbw/Bugzilla_Link_Grabber_Extension, and expmess and provided feedback
  • bugday