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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

Action Items



  • dmose: Add simon and gozer to drivers list


  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.
  • Release Thunderbird 3 Beta 1
  • Drivers to review blocker nomination list for beta 1
  • Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 planning and scheduling
    • setting Bryan as next TB Driver
    • Set date for sometime in Jan

Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • (Slushy?) String freeze from: TBD
  • (Slushy?) Code freeze from: TBD

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • DevRoadmap is updated. What left to do on Calendar is not clear.
    • Overall progress is very good.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates

  • participation has been up recently


Status Updates

  • Reviews
  • Unit Tests
    • Thanks to asuth who has helped with fixing our two main intermittent faults over the last week (hopefully now fixed):
      • bug 463594 - Mac Leak & Bloat failures, as a result of OS X Address Book interface and shutdown issues (need to do a little follow up work on filing/moving appropriate bugs).
      • bug 468050 - Resolving gloda issues.
  • Leak & Bloat
    • Moved forward with mozmill integration. Now have mozmill starting up from python script and integrating into the Thunderbird profile - just need to get it running the actual tests.
  • Password Manager
    • bug 467965 Improved nsISmtpServer to make the password manager changes cleaner.
    • bug 468444 Fixed constants for default ports so that we can get at them consistently and from js
    • Implemented SMTP protocol handlers for smtp/smtps and started writing tests for the other protocols
  • Address Book
    • bug 455246 Did the first of the patches for Card -> Contact rename in address book.
  • Misc
    • bug 467878 Implemented MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH define
    • bug 468235 Removed some dead build config stuff from other-licenses.
    • bug 327872 Fix fax problems in LDAP schema
    • bug 468486 Leak & Bloat tests should not start up with the What's New page
    • bug 468481 Don't show the What's New page for new profiles.
    • bug 466527 Diagnosed problem with What's New page.
    • bug 467012 Opening mails in message window gives only a blank window - to land at the same time as bug 407725 does in mozilla-1.9.1
    • bug 467538 Replace nsIMsgRecipientArray with a simple, javascript-compatible array.

Two week goals (week 2):

  • Move to toolkit password manager (in progress)
  • Move Leak and Bloat tests to be controlled by MozMill (in progress)
  • Write down extended roadmap overview for the address book (based on discussion during MoMo work week).
  • Reviews
  • Driving beta 1
  • Fixed spotlight mozeml generation bug 468198, worked with humph and sid0 on reviving Spotlight integration in general.
  • Fixed manual offline download, bug 468155
  • Working on making folder and offline store compaction unit-testable.

Two week goals

  • Turn autoconfig branch into a reviewable patch for trunk
  • Finish folder compaction changes and unit tests.
  • Reduce review queue backlog
  • Build
    • Thunderbird 3 Beta 1 Build 2
      • Best build so far, worked the first time
      • symbols covered on the first pass
      • crash-stats still problematic
      • complete MARs need redoing bug 468488, bug 468468
    • Build VMs will be moving to our hardware after Beta 1 is released
    • Signing is still done my MoCo.
      • Meeting with buildeng to figure this out before TB 3 (ideally, before Beta 2)
    • Buildbot
      • Buildbot configuration needs cleaning up/refactoring
      • doubling capacity for mozilla-central vs. mozilla-1.9.1
  • Infrastructure
    • Phone server is good, quality is not (needs more work)
  • Cleaned up Conversation List added some color though still bare
    • Added top toolbar
    • Added conversation dating, still needs more work to take the latest date, not the last date. Will be easily fixed if lastestMessageDate gets fixed in conversation objects
    • Pushed all changes into exptoolbar
  • Worked on Conversation Reader
    • Added some threading indicators, initially very sparse to make space known and available
    • Added read/unread indicators
  • Two Week Goals (week 2):
    • Push new iteration of Conversation List into exptoolbar
    • Review Conversation Reader and continue to iterate on
  • 3.0b1 QA activities
  • bug triage - crash tracking, profile and pop bugs, non-rdf pane folder operation regressions
  • Beta 1 work.
  • SpreadThunderbird planning.

Two week goals

  • Add-ons conference this week.
  • Get Web site into production stage, targeting 12/18 handoff to Silver Orange.
  • Wrap up swag order (t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc), taking way too long.
  • Update SpreadThunderbird with Events module and Materials page.