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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

Action Items




  • dmose - triage [tb3needs] bugs
  • clarkbw - send mail about drivers about triaging 3.0b1 wanted this week

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • For reference, Gecko 1.9.1b3: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed: Slushy string freeze from: Monday 2nd February 23:59 PST (three weeks)
  • Proposed: Firm string freeze and slushy Code freeze from: Thursday 5th February 23:59 PST
  • We need to drive bugs with large string changes, e.g., archive, auto config, activity manager. Some way of marking bugs needing strings would be useful.
    • Archive patch landed.
      • One problem with local folders.
    • Activity Manager is awaiting a new patch from Emre.
    • AutoConfig is further away from review - initial patches posted bug 422814.
    • Multiple e-mail addresses and tags needs strings.
      • Multiple e-mails not a priority for b2.

Thunderbird 3

  • time to truly clamp down and ship sooner rather than later, even at the cost of substantial feature cuts
  • we need to get everything tracked in bugzilla
  • we will now have component drivers so that people actually own keeping subsets of bugs well-triaged
    • dmose to propose component assignments tuesday
  • things to file & triage:
    • component drivers: blocking+ / blocking? bugs
    • davida: development roadmap
    • clarkbw: UX bugs from last weeks meeting
    • dmose: message reader bugs, tb3needs bugs
  • new triage rules
    • to stay on blocking+ list, a bug must be owned by someone, even if that's (temporarily) the component driver
    • for each triaged bug on the blocking list: owner, target milestone, priority (P1 - P3; will be used to move bugs if milestone added)
    • criteria for blocking+: if this were the last blocker, we would make all of our users wait even longer for the existing changes in order to get the fix for this one?
  • to think about:
    • when do we branch? (i suspect immediately after b2)
    • when do we lock down the branch for only blocking+ and approved+ (i suspect a couple of weeks after b2)
    • how do we want to handle existing wanted+ bugs? (throw them off the list?)
    • when should we target having the first round of filing / triage done? (1 week from Tuesday?)
    • There will be a TB 3 beta 3 (milestone created in bugzilla)

QA Updates


  • clarkbw, asuth, davida will be going down to MV this afternoon for several days.
  • davida is expecting to attend FOSDEM & CBIT.

Status Updates

  • recruiting
  • planning 2009
  • long term planning
  • working w/ clarkbw and others re: UX 3.0 planning
  • goals for next two weeks:
    • improve efficiency of personal daily planning (on track)
    • figure out how to excise more distractions from my day (on track)
    • finish driving tb3 plan towards better alignment with reality (on track)
    • drive JS-in-mailnews patches into the tree (some progress)
    • finish GloDa review (lagging)
    • triage message-reader bugs (not yet started)
  • non-goal activities
    • various strategy work/discussion
  • Wrapping up mozmill work - now sort-of usable in TB.
  • Minor patches - bug 432903 and bug 461317
  • Triage, Rumbling Edge, QA, Mozmill discussions.
  • School starts this week so will be shuffling on and offline.

Non-goal activities:

  • Reviews
  • Sorted out blocker lists
  • bug 472492 fix "ex = TypeError: GetDBView() is null" warnings seen in leak & bloat tests

Two week goals (end of week 2):

  • Complete Password Manager migration
    • bug 419595 review comments addressed and patch landed.
    • Investigated and fixed issues with "complicated" usernames (i.e. "foo@bar.com") as a result of investigating bug 155172.
    • Need clarkbw's review on bug 239131
    • Need dolske's review on bug 472824 and to get it landed in 1.9.1 (have now requested blocking).
    • The transition will fix bug 155172, bug 469221 (both blockers) and several other bugs.
  • Complete moving Leak and Bloat to Mozmill (if Mozmill issues are resolved)
    • Issues for running with Mozmill appear to be fixed. Need to spend some time working on the revised test.
  • Investigate if there is a simpler way to switch fully to toolkit autocomplete without doing too much work.
    • Found a fix for bug 343332 however it still didn't solve the issues completely therefore dropped the bugs from my assigned list for now.
  • Look at Performance tests
    • Get some rough ideas of what & how.
      • Had meeting with Alice (from MoCo) and got some good info on what Firefox does. Meeting minutes.

Two week goals (start of week 1):

  • Finish driving in Password Manager
  • Implement send in background
  • Investigate Weave pop-tart system
  • Try and get initial numbers for Ts to see if we can enable jemalloc.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Use translated version of Local Folders for new local folders account, bug 464425

Two week goals (week 2)

  • Finish folder archiving work. bug 451995
    • Initial patch landed. Tracking bug for remaining work - bug 473212

Two week goals (week 1) Get back to autoconfig repo; try to get pieces of it ready for review.

  • I've been doing massive cleanup on the code, and have generated a couple wip patches in bug 422814

On vacation.

  • Posted patch for message reader reply button
  • Bug triage
  • blurbed about bugs that need litmus testcases
  • pinged ~30 FIXED bugs that may still need tests - in-testsuite?
  • triage
  • updated Thunderbird:Testing to include running nightlies and early releases
  • Mac and Windows builds were made but our QA was out sick, so testing will happen this week
  • Having problems with Linux builds and will be looking at getting those soon
  • SeaMonkey now uses the same ID and hiding method for status bar progress indicator, making life easier for shared code - bug 458533
  • Did some testing of Lightning in SeaMonkey with Mnyromyr's tabmail patch - works fine with this, no error console messages, some missing menu items (overlay issues)
  • Drafted 2009 event/conference plan. Still need to finalize resourcing (attendance, sponsorship).
  • Evaluating GetSatisfaction as part of our support/help strategy. We have 35 articles in there already.
  • Continuing web site work, coordinate web site localization.

Two Week Goal

  • Distribution plan.
  • Continue work on Support/Help plan.
  • Beta 2 work.


davida, dmose, Standard8, bienvenu, clarkbw, wsmwk, beckley, Kairo, Rebron