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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • davida to look at status meeting agenda due to the drivers meeting that follows later in the morning.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • For reference, Gecko 1.9.1b3: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Slushy string freeze from: Tuesday 10th February 23:59 PST (1 week)
  • Slushy Code freeze from: Thursday 12th February 23:59 PST
  • Firm code/string freeze from: Tuesday 17th February 23:59 PST
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze from: Thursday 19th February 23:59 PST
  • (TBD) Testday to stress major new features like Activity Manager

Mark bugs needing strings with status white board — [affects l10n]

  • We need to drive bugs with large string changes, e.g., archive, auto config, activity manager

Thunderbird 3

  • we now have component drivers so that people actually own keeping subsets of the blocking list well-triaged
  • bug list much more believable, thanks to last week's work
  • things to file & triage:
    • component drivers: blocking+ / blocking? bugs
    • dmose: message reader bugs
  • new triage rules
    • to stay on blocking+ list, a bug must be owned by someone, even if that's (temporarily) the component driver.
      • owned-by-driver bugs should have [needs owner] in status whiteboard
  • to think about:
    • when do we branch? (i suspect immediately after b2)
    • when do we lock down the branch for only blocking+ and approved+ (i suspect a couple of weeks after b2)
    • There will be a TB 3 beta 3 (milestone created in bugzilla)

QA Updates


  • we need to spin up an AUS server. Gozer to drive figuring out what's involved. Note that planning the major update from TB2(MoCo AUS) to TB3(MoMo AUS) will take some planning.
  • Website launch schedule for TB3b2 (see rebron's update)

Status Updates

  • driving
  • work on activity manager (backend landed, autosync & move users next)
  • work on thread & multiple selection bugs (448288, 454829)
  • tb3 driving
  • JS in messages policy & coding work
  • security review process prep work
  • gloda driving and review stuff, one or two other short reviews
  • bugzilla component split discussion
  • We may have one or two students from National University of Singapore who may be working on Thunderbird for ~3 months. More to come in the coming weeks.. (See bug 471368 as an example, though trivial. Personas _might_ follow too.)
  • Spent a bunch of time fixing up bugday results due to Bugzilla reorg phase 2.

Non-goal activities:

  • reviews (mainly activity manager)
  • bug 474439 Fixed broken LDAP lookups (last of the TB known regressions from password manager landing afaik).

Two week goals (start of week 2):

  • Implement send in background and hook up to activity manager.
    • Resolved some issues with status updates bug 476467
    • Currently resolving issues with incorrect and wrong notifications to listeners, so that we can hook it up to the activity manager.
  • Implement about:rights (bug 463367
    • Initial patch for just about:rights posted bug 463367
    • Have had some ideas for how to drive this forward.
  • Try and get initial numbers for Ts to see if we can enable jemalloc.
  • Reviews and driving
  • Fixed bug 476135 Clicking on bad newsgroup link messes up Thunderbird's accounts
  • Fixed bug 417285 Thunderbird inappropriately displays an alert when IMAP server returns a "NO" to list command
  • Fixed archive for rss accounts bug 473217
  • Fixed bug 370951, can't open/save imap attachments with # in name
  • Fixed the outbox icon in the js folder pane bug 466261
  • Worked on making actions apply to whole threads bug 448288
  • Build
    • Upgraded to buildbot 0.9.7+mozilla patches [success]
    • Lots of little leftover buildbot/tinderbox fixes
    • GREEN Tree !
    • Tree and Builders are now stable, performance/reliability issues are resolved
    • We now have nightly linux trunk builds
    • We have the beginning of a pool of builders on Win32
      • Win32 trunk bloat, comm-1.9.1 bloat and dep/nightly builders are now a pair
  • Infrastructure
    • Lots of experiments and progress with the SIP Phones situation
    • Looks like we really will need our own AUS
  • 3.0b2 release driving work
  • various bugs
    • bug 461098 — "Reply All" button missing when in message preview
      • bug 456829 — messagereader: honor font & color system defaults
    • bug 466674 — default action should be to send out html + plaintext w/o asking
  • various ui-reviews
    • bug 473217 — archive command doesn't work in rss feeds
  • triaged Outlook import bugs needing fields, most of the remaining open ones into meta bug 271976 (similar to bug 423488 but specific to outlook)
  • bugday
  • closed 101 bugs in last 2 weeks
  • More buildsystem porting work landed: bug 475111, bug 476149, bug 475120
  • bug 474732 - speeding up builds again when configure runs by not rebuilding the world when is regenerated but only when it actually changes: landed on comm-central and today on mozilla-central, waiting for baking and approval to get onto 1.9.1
philipp / Calendar
  • QAing [web site] and wrapping up content loose ends.

Next two weeks:

  • Investigating Google Adwords to drive distribution.
  • Add-ons migration for Thunderbird 3.
  • catching up on how things work.