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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • davida to look at status meeting agenda due to the drivers meeting that follows later in the morning.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • For reference, Gecko 1.9.1b3: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Slushy string freeze from: TODAY @ 23:59 PST
    • Current l10n Impact Bugs
      • bug 474701 — new search entry in default mail toolbar
      • bug 440794 — Leverage Offline capabilities to make sending email appear faster
      • bug 257942 — activity manager tracker
  • Slushy Code freeze from: Thursday 12th February 23:59 PST
  • Firm code/string freeze from: Tuesday 17th February 23:59 PST 1 week
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 freeze from: Thursday 19th February 23:59 PST
  • Testday to stress major new features like Activity Manager put off until next Thursday
  • Gloda-based search to be off-by-default but easily turned on for b2

Thunderbird 3

  • new triage rules
    • to stay on blocking+ list, a bug must be owned by someone, even if that's (temporarily) the component driver.
      • owned-by-driver bugs should have [needs owner] in status whiteboard
  • to think about:
    • when do we branch? (i suspect immediately after b2)
    • when do we lock down the branch for only blocking+ and approved+ (i suspect a couple of weeks after b2)

QA Updates


Status Updates

  • trip to paris, brussels
  • fosdem talk
  • lots of driving
  • js-in-messaging work
  • Bugday results
  • Figuring out bug 475970 with Gozer. He's a great help!
  • bug 476960 - got lots of stacks for bienvenu

Non-goal activities:

  • Reviews
  • bug 257942 Fixed some documentation and removed unused strings in the activity manager
  • bug 427627 Created some test builds for comparing jemalloc numbers, got some bloat numbers and also requested some testing and got some performance numbers (thanks PI, sid0). Patch now posted for review which will enable jemalloc on the boxes.

Two week goals (end of week 2):

  • Implement send in background and hook up to activity manager.
    • Landed various bugs to improve the existing send later code, still some way to go (bug 476628, bug 476467, bug 477054
    • Currently trying to land basic activity manager for beta 2 bug 476698
    • Will then see what can be done to get send in background working and in for beta 2 if possible bug 440794
  • Implement about:rights (bug 463367
    • Complete and Landed
  • Try and get initial numbers for Ts to see if we can enable jemalloc.
    • Initial numbers look good, hoping for one more set.

Two week goals (start of week 1):

  • Implement send in background bug 440794
  • Fix up the What's New page loading so that it can load css properly bug 466527
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Figured out cause of OS/X incorrect offline state bug 473483 and Firefox bug bug 470274 so that dcamp was able to write a patch w/o being able to recreate the bug.
  • Drove Phil Lacy's Outlook Express import improvements into the tree
  • Developed a fix for bug 476960 - IMAP Hang involving UI thread, which Gary Kwong is trying out.
  • Fixed bug 208197 and bug 359339, maintain imap keywords when copying messages between folders on servers that don't support keywords, and move messages back to inbox when marking messages in junk folder as non junk.
  • Fixed slow scrolling with invalid .msf files, bug 469448
  • Fixed problem opening 3-pane ui when folder view set to recent and there's an error getting the mru string property, bug 468656
  • Fixed bug 469231 treat header that's not part of a thread as NOT killed, fixes bug where you had to select imap folder twice to see new headers.
  • Put up patch for review for maintaining offline copies of imap messages in move/copy target folder so we don't have to redownload them.
  • Working on changing IMAP autosync to use STATUS to figure out if a folder has new messages instead of SELECT and full header+flag sync.
  • Build
    • We have pooled builders on Win2k3
      • Win32 non-unittest builders are in a pool
      • Linux is coming
      • RAM for Apple Xserve is MIA bug 474794
  • Web
    • SSL
      • Certificates acquired
      • Infrastructure will be in place this week

Lots of non-Penelope work going on lately.

  • Submitted patch for bug 476343 Hiding folder pane then switching to message tab and back shows folder pane, awaiting review
  • Looked at TB architecture for splitting out attachments in to separate files, in preparation for implementing some new filter actions to do that
philipp / Calendar
  • Website ongoing, in cleanup/qa mode with target launch 2/24.
  • General marketing/pr activities for beta 2.

This week

  • Thunderbird Add-on developer outreach. Working on getting Thunderbird included in the Add-on Compatibility Center.
  • Google Adwords test plan
  • Had a nice talk with the mozilla packager for OpenSuse
  • trying to make the reports for 3.0b2 testing better
  • preparing testday for new features in 3.0b2