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Get Satisfaction Detailed Report

(see stats graphic section)

  1. sadness = 485/725 = 67% (last week:64%, slightly up)
  2. Top 5 active (getactive.rb)
  3. contributors - 240 michael pasek of usa (v);89 matt_678579 of Australia (v); 57 rsx11m of USA (v); 15 rkent of usa (v); 33 chris ramsden aka xenos (v!) ; 33 rtanglao; 32, Wayne Mery of USA (v); 20, bozz (v); 9 Kent James of USA (v); (gethappykludged.rb)
  4. new contributors: none - always looking for new contributors, roland AT OR #gsfn nick:rolandtanglao - in particular looking for moderators who can look at others' replies and close topics & "support metadata fixers" who can fix tags and titles to make them accurate and searchable
  5. new / closed topics Monday-Sunday: Mon 57/5, Tue 50/11, Wed 73/17, Thu 82/17, Fri 64/17, Sat 54/7, Sun 38/12 (getNumCreatedNumResolved.rb)
  6. Roland to set up pseudo-user pointing to email address so that GS community support folks can ask each other for advice & tb-support-crew mailing list for key contributors

20% projects

  1. Got UX, visualization or web-dev skills? want to help visualize and store support data as well as prototype a super friendly new support topic wizard? email roland AT
  2. store GS data in CouchDB (preliminary JS code from James Burke, thanks!) and in the future public open data base like FreeBase rather than reading every time to allow better reports from others & create real-time support dashboard: got couchDB or data visualization skills? want to help? email roland AT

GS Stats Graphic

19-25July2010-Community stats for Mozilla Messaging-1.png