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Get Satisfaction Detailed Report

(see stats graphic section)

  1. sadness = 324/445 = 73% (2 weeks ago:76%) - NOTE: last week's numbers are low and therefore suspect because GS's stats failed to work for Tuesday again last week like two and four weeks ago
  2. Top 5 active (getactive-m.rb)
  3. contributors (v=volunteer contributor, thanks to all our volunteers!) - 122 matt_678579 of Australia (v); 121 Wayne Mery of USA (v);58 christ1 of USA (v); 185 sfhowes (v); 152 chrisramsden (v); 40 bernd_s (v); 58 san_2972983 (v); 15 finitarry (v) ; 185 wayne_mery (v); 64 anje_yelf (v); 172 stan_647060 (v); 15 rsx11m (v); 88 mustrum_ridcully (v)gethappykludged-m.rb)
  4. new contributors: none; always looking for new contributors, questions or problems? email rtanglao AT OR #gsfn nick:rolandtanglao - in particular looking for moderators & champions who can look at others' replies and close topics & "support metadata fixers" who can fix tags and titles to make them accurate and searchable
  5. new / closed topics Monday-Sunday: Mon 207/17, Tue 211/27, Wed 24/32, Thu 225/23, Fri 141/11, Sat 78/23, Sun 148/20 (getNumCreatedNumResolved-m.rb)

20% projects

  1. Got UX, visualization or web-dev skills? Coding help wanted: i) visualize and store support data gathered from a JSON data store ii)prototype a super friendly new support topic wizard iii) real time HTML/JQUERY/JSON driven support dashboard email rtanglao AT
  2. mongoUpdateSlurpGS.rb: ruby code to store Get Satisfaction Thunderbird support data retrieved via the Get Satisfaction APIin mongodb & generate metrics and reports. Got mongodb or data visualization skills? want to help? email rtanglao AT

GS Stats Graphic

6-12February-Thunderbird-GS-stats-2012-02-13 1307.png