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Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-07-08 Minutes taker, please: - don't forget to save a revision of the pad before clearing it for next use. - don't forget to post on after the end of the meeting so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.


mconley, ludovic, jcranmer, wsmwk, rkent, florian

Action items from last meetings

  • [jcranmer] Ask bienvenu or someone else about the gmail authentication changes for Thunderbird
    • wsmwk - to talk to jcranmer about Google / GMail auth
      • They're working on specifications to handle some of the concerns we had. There is no indication when GMail will be supporting these new specifications.
        • "Dynamic client registration" - a client can go to an endpoint and ask for a client ID for logging into OAuth.
        • "End-point detection" - no draft published yet.
  • irving to ping Standard8 about FotT for sshagarwal
    • mconley will redirect to bkerensa
  • mconley to follow up with clokep about Box Filelink implementation and API token
    • ready to go
  • wsmwk to poke at irving to ask Standard8 about a new meeting time that works with him
    • done - 8 or 9am PST generally good except for release weeks
  • mconley will open communications with bsmith about deferring 611752 until after next TB major release

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • Tree closed again:
  • Thunderbird Social Media has slowed down again as bkerensa is putting all extra time he has into his role as a member of the Firefox Release Management Team. Would suggest looking for someone who has the time to take over this effort.
    • ludo to follow up with NZ volunteer
  • Thunderbird Summit Proposal
    • OK to go ahead given the list of people who can't come?
    • Comments on extending the time earlier in the week to allow time for hacking?
    • Financing: I think that we need to do a donation campaign in early September to help fund the summit, and allow the list of paid attendees to be as broad as possible. What do we need to do to get approval to undertake this? My last attempt failed for lack of quorum.
    • OK to go public on tb_planning? OK to allow self-paid attendees?
  • Engaging with partner companies. Already we have Linagora, Mozilla Japan, MesQuilla as companies that are providing significant support to Thunderbird. I would like to discuss how we could formalize the status of "partner company", perhaps including some sort of acknowledgement link on the TB start page, and approach other companies. In particular Fastmail at one point offered to help with IMAP and would be a good candidate. If possible I would like to invite them to the summit.

Critical Issues


  • TB31
    • xxx
    • xxx
    • crash-wise looks stable now. (but as always it's a crap shoot when release goes fully live) bug 902158 is potentially big - #1 for beta, but rare for TB24

Round Table


  • patch got r+ from me and Fallen, so now it's ready to land on central.
    • Did we miss the beta cutoff? We're... we're cutting it really, really close.



  • Updated comm-central code coverage at
  • Our perma-oranges should be almost gone finally!
  • Latest build-config changes may require clobber, prohibit .mozconfig in comm-central with .mozconfig in mozilla-central as well
  • PSA: Please star oranges on your build after pushing


  • conference/summit
    • how much money to budget?
    • draft agenda then invite public
    • governance/leadership module, add
    • module ownership refresh
    • funding question

Question Time

  • rkent: On the Thunderbird meeting, we need a comment from Standard8.
  • rkent: Would hosting in Toronto be possible?
    • mconley: I think it'd be reasonable.
  • Can we do Portland or even SF? :)
  • aleth: Could someone with the privileges to approve uplifts take a look at bug 788137 so it makes TB31? Thanks!
    • standard8 approved it the next day

Support team

We have discussed this problem on tb-support-crew mailing list

    • not discussed in meeting - defer to next meeting


  • what to do about bugs nominally blocked on bienvenu? (last bug comment July 2013)
    • not discussed in meeting - defer to next meeting

Action Items

  • mconley to contact bkerensa about sshagarwal for FoTT
  • mconley to send Usul email about David K...? (NZ)
  • ludo to follow up with NZ volunteer for Social Media/publicity, connect him with bkerensa
  • mconley to start thread on tb-planning on new governance strategy

Adjourn : 1hr