Thunderbird/Support/Get Help Flowchart

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(DISCLAIMER: I only speak for Thunderbird, for other Mozilla products like Firefox, etc it's best to use SUMO)



  • Matrix rooms are best effort and by their more synchronous nature are privileged to European and North American time zones (NA and EU are where most staff and contributors live)

IF it's support THEN ask in Thunderbird Community Support Matrix Room

ELSEIF it's meta issues about support like Mozilla Connect, SUMO Knowledge Base (KB) AND SUMO FORUM stuff (e.g. something is broken in the forum or KB), how do I use Mozilla Connect to request features, etc THEN ask in the Thunderbird Support Crew Matrix Room


  • I would strongly recommend NOT asking for support in any of the Thunderbird Developers rooms unless it's a question about Thunderbird APIs or writing Thunderbird patches or add-ons; if you get no response please ping me (! I'll do my best to help but I'm over-committed writing KB articles, gathering support related insights, etc.
  • When in doubt feel free to @ mention me on Matrix ( not SUMO :-), I prefer @ mentions in public rooms to DMs; you can't over communicate with me :-) !
  • Developers are quite rightly a wee bit sensitive because software development is a high focus activity and developer receive far too many support questions that are better answered by the support community (and are often already answered at ) and therefore don't want too much non developer chat in Thunderbird Developers Matrix rooms
  • Thunderbird add-ons that are not written by Thunderbird staff are not supported by Mozilla. Please ask the add-on developer for support. Usually they have a support issue tracker or website e.g. on gitlab or github or other place.
  • MZLA and MoCo staff as well as NDA'd contributors can also ask in private matrix and slack rooms but please ask publicly, if possible, first!