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Overview of how and where to get help

  • We will do our best to help you with your problem, but please remember that Thunderbird is a free and open source project. This means that
    • Thunderbird free of charge but our activities (particularly support, documentation and customization) are all volunteer efforts. We don't have the resources of a commercial software company. So we rely on our users and our community to volunteer to help each other via open channels i.e. our support knowledgebase at and our English language support forum: Please consider helping a fellow user today.
    • We do not offer paid, telephone, email,fax, or chat support for Thunderbird.
    • Please ask a question, but you may also need to put effort into researching the problem yourself using google, the knowledge base and other methods at your disposal.

Thunderbird documents of interest

Thunderbird documents of interest (need updating for SUMO)