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OBSOLETE: Superseded by Thunderbird/Support/KitsuneTestPlan

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A List of testcases to test Mozilla Messaging theming of SUMO instance at

In Firefox latest released version (3.6 currently), IE6 (if time permits, not crucial since IE6 is only 1% of traffic), IE7 and IE8 Verify (not in order):

  1. front page
  2. search box on sidebar
  3. admin page(s) including search box
  4. edit an article including WYSIWYG article and an image
  5. approve an article
  6. dedicated search page
  7. create an article including WYSIWYG editor
  8. creation of an new article in English
  9. translation of a i) new ii)existing article from English into another language e.g. Spanish, German, French
  10. creation of article in non English e.g. Spanish or German
  11. translation from non English to English
  12. test that front page and all articles look OK in all locales, currently ES, EN and some DE (and soon FR and RU hopefully)
  13. test that existing users can login and create kb articles
  14. test that new users can create a SuMoMo userid successfully