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just because it's on this page doesn't mean it's in Thunderbird 15

User Visible Changes to Thunderbird 15

Roland is compiling this page in order to compile a list of what has to be documented for Thunderbird 15


(numbered for convenience only, not in order)

  1. bug 748432 - crash in nsMsgDatabase::MatchDbName ("It looks like the user has most likely set the hidden pref to check for new messages in all folders, and one or more of the folders is causing us a problem") - fixed in TB15; fix could be backported to TB12, 13 or 14
  2. bug 709799 monochrome toolbar icons to match Lion - Mac OS X only of course
  3. bug 735524 - Remove TB2->TB3 migration assistant
  4. bug 250539 - New paragraph (e.g. list) clears formatting, does not respect font prefs for HTML messages; thanks to the developers for fixing this long-standing bug! - (Further work needs to be done to fix these remaining WYSIWYG-related bugs: bug 756984 - Changing location in editor doesn't preserve the font when returning to end of text/line; bug 517098 - Underline underlines inter-word space if word has been selected for editing)
  5. Australis Theme
  6. IM
  7. UbuntuOne
  8. Do Not Track

Thunderbird 14 and previous release regressions fixed in TB 15


(in no order, numbered for convenience only)

  1. Thunderbird 15 Support Issues
  2. the above are great for Thunderbird changes, but open question: how do we track gecko changes that surface themselves to the user in Thunderbird?

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