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just because it's on this page doesn't mean it's in Thunderbird 6

User Visible Changes to Thunderbird 6

Roland is compiling this page in order to compile a list of what has to be documented for Thunderbird 6


(numbered for convenience only, not in order)

  1. tabbar background blocks lightweight theme image (with personas add-on not enabled - bug 573360 - Narrowly missed TB 5, I believe this will land in Thunderbird 6
  2. Clear Type and Direct2D preference changes - for full details refer to RSX11M's excellent summary of the prefs: gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.gamma, gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.enhanced_contrast, gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.cleartype_level, gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.pixel_structure, gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.rendering_mode
  3. Lots of Outlook import improvements e.g. Characters outside the default code page which is bug bug 207156 and also "Link error since new Outlook import code " aka bug 675893 which might land in TB6 or TB 7 or TB8
  4. Default mail client check should now work with newer linux distributions - [bug 624341]
  5. IMAP: When fetching headers from folders the newest headers are now fetched first [bug 464126]
  6. Windows 7 Integration: Support Windows 7 Jump lists (compose message, open address book from taskbar) - [bug 494138]
  7. All address book deletions now have a prompt to the user before deleting [bug 526541]
  8. Fixes to stop Thunderbird sometimes mistakenly marking messages as read (may be more obvious to Conversations users?) [bug 662792]

Thunderbird 5 and previous release regressions fixed in TB 6

  1. Right Click Menu not functioning in HTML "insert link" - I believe this fix landed in TB 6 bug 665538 which depends on bug 642420, WORKAROUND: Use Control V / Command V
  2. On Windows, when the default mail app prompt comes up, and the user checks the "enable windows search" checkbox, TB doesn't remember that setting. bug 669463 - REGRESSION - seems like an easy fix for TB 6
  3. REGRESSION on WINDOWS:drag and drop doesn't highlight the drop folder (works with Windows Classic Theme) - bug 668631 - FIX submitted, hopefully will land in TB 6
  4. PRINTING REGRESSION: When printing messages with today's date, the date is not printed, just the time - REGRESSION: GS, [bug 669385] - WORKAROUNDS: MZ Date Display format Article, Printing Tools and ConfigDate add-on - patch landed in TB6, 7 & 8, please test in TB6 beta 3 and later builds
  5. (startup) crash due to unparseable URL [@ nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl(nsIURI*, nsISupports*)] and [@ nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl] (Mac) - is a top5 crash in TB5 but not in TB3 - bug 617721, POSSIBLE REGRESSION patch landed in TB6, 7 & 8, please test in TB6 beta 3 and later builds
  6. menubar and toolbar icons when focused are hard to read with aero theme - [screenshot,bug 667248] - FIXED in Thunderbird 6 Beta 2
  7. New Account Wizard bad-input warnings are unreadable (gray-on-black) in Ubuntu 11.04 (e.g. "Please enter your name", "Double check this email address", "Username or password invalid") - Possible REGRESSION, bug 671904 FIXED in TB6 Beta 3,7 and 8
  8. WINDOWS:drag and drop doesn't highlight the drop folder (works with Windows Classic Theme) - bug 668631 - FIX landed in TB6, 7 and 8
  9. WINDOWS REGRESSION:when unfocused, the Thunderbird menu bar is blurred (also happens in Firefox) - bug 677345 - fixed in Thunderbird 6 Beta 3, PLEASE TEST!


(in no order, numbered for convenience only)

  1. Standard8's Thunderbird bugzilla rapid release tracking page
    1. tracking nominations i.e. things we'd like in TB6 but not yet landed
    2. tracking for possible Thunderbird 6 inclusion
    3. Approval Requests
    4. Thunderbird 6 Changelog
    5. Gecko 6 Changelog
  2. excellent, unofficial Thunderbird 6 page from MozillaZine compiled (mostly) by the super helpful volunteer contributor RSX11M
  3. Thunderbird 5 Support Issues
  4. the above are great for Thunderbird changes, but open question: how do we track gecko changes that surface themselves to the user in Thunderbird?

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