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  • This page contains a summary of the the code and localization string and other modifications to the Kitsune KB application that is currently running for Thunderbird and is running at aka "SuMoMo"
  • All mods were done by Andrei aka Sancus
  • SuMoMo has only deployed the KB app. The other apps (AAQ i.e. user to user support, Army of Awesome, etc.) have NOT been deployed

Code and other repos


showfor mods

  1. mods to "kitsune for" code to allow the use of tb as well as ff
  2. miscellaneous hacks: e.g.
    1. add tips category for "Thunderbird tip of the week"
    2. comment out mobile code that errors because it assumes the presence of mobile versions of Thunderbird (there is no mobile version of Thunderbird!)

CSS/image mods

minimal Thunderbird theming customizations e.g.

  1. change SUMO mascot to Thunderbird mascot aka the Thunderbird kid
  2. change graphics that have the wordmark Firefox to the wordmark Thunderbird

l10n mods

Mainly changing "Firefox" to "Thunderbird"; mostly done by script and/or editor search and replace. One minor complication was some locales (e.g. PL) "decline" i.e. change the ending of nouns so in those locales the l10n file in svn had to be manually edited to the appropriate declined form of Thunderbird e.g. "Thunderbirda" in the appropriate places.