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In Thunderbird 3, we have a new account configuration system which can get pre-defined configuration information from the web, among other methods of configuration. This means that for the most frequent domains, we can easily make Thunderbird configuration fast and correct, leading to more happy users of Thunderbird using the best (e.g. most secure) configuration possible.

We can look at the autoconfig server logs and identify which are the domains that are most often requested, and which of those are currently not served by the database. This list of "top domains" is therefore a very high leverage way for us to make adopting Thunderbird easier.

To add a domain to the database requires a few steps, to ensure that the information is correct and that users' privacy is ensured. In particular, we need:

  1. a correctly formatted configuration file
  2. confirmation by a someone other than the file submitter that the data corresponds to a web page published by the ISP
  3. some security checks run on the configuration.
  4. ideally, someone who has an account with that ISP who can test that our configuration actually works.

Because 2. may require reading public web pages in languages that the current ISPDB contributors don't know, we'd like to solicit help from the current Mozilla l10n contributors to help us.

The whole process is relatively heavy-weight, so we want to be fairly efficient about which domains we review first. We'll be looking at the logs on a periodic basis and filing bugs for the "top 20" domains that we aren't supporting, and soliciting help for those domains first.

Process how to add domains

Configurations for these top-20 domains will get reviewed before configurations for less popular domains.

For each domain, the process will be:

  1. Create a bug for that domain in the Mozilla Messaging:ispdb component, adding [top-missing-domain] to the status whiteboard.
  2. Update this page with a pointer to the bug (see existing page markup for examples)
  3. Create a configuration which currently is probably done most easily by:
    1. finding the configuration information published by the ISP (and adding the link to the bug for reference by others)
    2. going to the ispdb webapp and filling out the configuration
    3. from the detailed page showing the configuration, click on the "See XML version" link
    4. attach it to the bug
  4. Update this page with a note explaining that the bug has an owner
  5. Find someone with appropriate linguistic skills to review the configuration and make sure that that configuration corresponds to the published instructions by the ISP
  6. Get the configuration reviewed, checked in, deployed.


If secure options are offered by the ISP, we require them in ISPDB, so that users will default to secure connections. Sending and receiving email over cleartext is not a practice we wish to encourage.

Configuration File Format

The configuration file format is defined by Thunderbird:Autoconfiguration:ConfigFileFormat and has a Relax-NG schema.

Where to get help

Ask on #maildev in


As of today, we currently need help for the following domains in the following countries:




Czech Republic



  • bug 580923 Status: in progress, needs tester




USA Hosters (via MX)

  • (Hoster, Reseller) bug 581757 Status: done, needs testers
  • (Hoster) bug 594660 Status: in progress
  • bug 594664 Status: in progress
  • bug 594670 Status: needs owner
  • ( hosting) bug 594671 Status: in progress
  • (Hoster) bug 671961 Status: needs owner
  • (Google Postini, service) Status: Just SMTP incoming and forwarding, no mail store, cannot support
  • (Symantec, service) Status: can't support, same as



  • bug 580930 Status: needs owner
  • bug 580933 Status: needs owner
  •,, bug 580934 Status: needs owner


  •, bug 567687 Status: needs owner
  • bug 580935 Status: done
  • (Hoster) bug XXX Status: needs owner



  •, bug 590810 Status: in progress
  • bug 581765 Status: done


  • China:, bug 594661 Status: in progress
  • Canada: bug XXX Status: needs owner
  • Netherlands:,, bug 567684 Status: done
  • India: bug 564620 Status: needs tester
  • Hungary:
  • Slovakia: bug XXX Status: needs owner
  • Dubai: (Hoster) bug XXX Status: needs owner

Other domains

The following are no top missing domains, but would be useful anyway.


Other Spanish speaking countries