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previous weeks report

Unified Telemetry status report September 30, 2015

Overall Project Health

Last week: Green

This week: Yellow

Exec Summary

  • Unified Telemetry Data Validation project currently blocked on data set generation by issues with production V2
  • Stakeholders agree we need a longer period of data for validation purposes
  • 5% sample not currently available on telemetry dashboard, seeking agreement on how to proceed.
  • Work continues on data validation project and presentation.


Description of Risks/Issues State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
V4 data integrity Open Brendan/Sam Investigation in progress. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rvbCyVSzBsexer-0G7HdR_l1DczKAJdjzChxv0MjYco/ 10/3
Data continuity across V2/V4 Open Katie/Mark/Trink Plan, Metabug 11/2
Legal review Open BDS/Legal Meeting between groups 8/24
QA sign off (functional, load) Done Stuart Telemetry/Testing 8/24
Operations - data retention requirements Open Travis/Katie Eng team owes ops a doc defining ping types and data retention requirements 10/3
Remote about:healthreport content Open Georg Needs test, localization and deployment 11/2
Budget, size of UT pings In process Mark/BDS https://metrics.services.mozilla.com/telemetry-budget-dashboard/ 8/10
Analysis difficulty Open Katie/tbd Spark training; need comprehensive plan 11/2
Access to the 5% sample In process Sam/Roberto https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1191789 Sams bug 8/10

Accomplished for Last Period

please see http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/weekly-updates.fcgi/project/firefox-measurement

Project Mgt

  • met with iOS team
  • met with Hello team

Planned for Next Period

please see http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/weekly-updates.fcgi/project/firefox-measurement

  • Work to deliver validation doc
  • Close sprint 1 and pack sprint 2 (pipeline and client), burdowns/velocity
  • Clean up backlog
  • meetings with FxA and Synch

Outstanding requests not yet road mapped into a release

Description State Owner Plan to Resolve/Mitigation Target Date
FireFox OS - app pings Open Katie included in road mapping in process
histograms for loop/hello Open Katie Need to schedule and understand impact on project TBD

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