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Style Guide

The Update wiki underwent a major cleanup/revamp in April 2007 after Remora's launch. The following guidelines should be followed when creating and editing pages.

Creating Pages

The wiki has been divided into sections based on your role in the AMO project (End User, Add-on Author, Editor, etc.). If the page you'd like to create falls under one of these sections, the page should be a subsection of it. For example, if you were creating a page on how to submit an add-on to AMO, you might call it Update:Authors/Addon_Submission or Update:Authors/Submitting_an_Add-on. The page should then be linked in the section's "Resources" section at the bottom.

If the page you create is large enough for its own section, it should be created and linked under the "Other Resources" section of the main page. If you need to create a page this big, you may want to speak with fligtar or another admin first.

Menu Templates

Full Menu

If you create a new section (your page is something like Update:Foo), you should use the full Amo template menu. To do this, simply include {{amo}} at the very top of your page. This will generate the AMO menu that includes all resource links.

Mini Menu

If your page is a subsection of a page, such as Update:Authors/Addon_Submission, you should use the mini menu by including {{amomini|Update:Authors|Add-on Authors}} at the very top of your page. This will generate the mini menu with a link to the Update main page, as well as to the section's page that you specify in the parameters.

The following are possible mini uses:

{{amomini|Update:Users|End Users}}
{{amomini|Update:Authors|Add-on Authors}}