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WebDriver BiDi is an extension of the WebDriver specification that offers a bidirectional communication between a webdriver compatible client and a remote end like Firefox. That means that beside sending commands to the browser and receiving responses, it will be also possible to register for certain events (e.g page load, network interception).

Product Backlog Status


WebDriver BiDi Milestone 7 - In Development

Goal: This milestone aims to expand the set of APIs supported for creating basic automated tests using WebDriver BiDi. The newly added APIs will include support for HTTP authentication, improved user interaction with pages and prompts. Additionally, efforts will be made to maintain our infrastructure for the existing WebDriver based test suites.

Details: Milestone 7 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 6 - Completed April 9th, 2023

Goal: Support a minimal set of APIs for creating basic automated tests using WebDriver BiDi.

Details: Milestone 6 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 5 - Completed January 15th, 2023

Goal: Support required network and page events for HAR file generation.

Details: Milestone 5 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 4 - Completed September 20th, 2022

Goal: Support evaluating remote scripts, and passing javascript data between the browser and the client and vice-versa.

Details: Milestone 4 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 3 - Completed May 15th, 2022

Goal: Basic support for the browsingContext.navigate command, and collaboration with the Selenium project to get log.entryAdded support added.

Details: Milestone 3 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 2 - Completed December 19th, 2021

Goal: Extend the current WebDriver BiDi code base to fully support log.entryAdded events and allow clients to unsubscribe from this event.

Details: Milestone 2 status

WebDriver BiDi Milestone 1 - Completed September 10th, 2021

Goal: Adapt the existing Remote Agent code base, and make it ready for building support for WebDriver BiDi. Introduce support for basic logging events (plain string message).

Details: Milestone 1 status