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Exploring the role of the Web amidst the explosion of connected devices and services in our lives.

Projects & Current Activity

  • Chirimen - Firefox OS microcontroller board
  • FlyWeb - Framework for direct device connections
  • Web of Things Maker - An online editor helps developers build cross-platform WoT applications faster and easier.
  • WoT.JS - A library provides Web Components to control devices.
  • Browser Johnny Five - A set of libraries to bring Johnny Five to the Web for controlling Arduino Boards.
  • FxOS Beacon Demos - Firefox OS Add-ons and Apps to demonstrate beacon usage.
  • BLE Tools - Tools to help BLE development.
  • Exploring the Open Internet of Things - Hub of research, prototyping and networking-building around IoT. Focus on privacy, inclusion and literacy in connected spaces using human-centered design and collaborative kaing.

Recent and Upcoming Events



Web Platform

Some of the Web platform APIs relevant to IoT development. Comprehensive list at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/WebAPI.

Category API Documentation
Network TCPSocket
Network UDPSocket
Connectivity Bluetooth
Connectivity NFC
Connectivity Wifi
Sensors Ambient Light
Sensors Proximity
Sensors Orientation
Sensors Motion
Sensors Geolocation
Media Camera
Media Microphone
Misc PowerManagement
Misc BatteryStatus
Misc Vibration
Nascent WebUSB
Nascent WebGPIO

Related Activity

People & Projects

JavaScript projects/toolkits/libraries


Hardware that supports a JavaScript (but necessarily Web) programming interface.


Industry Groups / Standards Bodies

TODO: Convert this into a table, and categorize which part of the the stack the group's standards address, and where it might intersect with Web standards and technologies.

  • W3C Web Of Things Interest Group link
    • Mozilla participants: (TODO: list people here, with contact info)
  • AllSeen/AllJoyn - Qualcomm led, with Linux Foundation, Cisco, Microsoft, LG, and HTC. AllJoyn is name of protocol. link
  • Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) - Intel, Atmel, Dell, Broadcom, Samsung, and Wind River. Openly competing with AllJoyn. link
  • Thread Group - Google/Nest. link
  • ITU's IoT-GSI - The UN's International Telecommunication Union's Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative. link
  • IEEE IoT Standards link
  • Industrial Internet Consortium - Intel, Cisco, AT&T, GE, and IBM. Focused on industrial stds. link
  • OneM2M - Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, many more. "Cross sector" architecture and stds. link
  • Open Mobile Alliance - Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, ATT, ARM, Cisco, and Samsung. link
  • Apple HomeKit - link



  • ThingsCon - Berlin, May 2015 link

Event Calendars

In The Wild

Relevant implementations of IoT standards.