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While working on the Reference Specification we have had numerous discussions leading to technology decisions. In an effort to capture these discussions we have created this space. This page is intended to be a place to aggregate these discussion pages. As discussions evolve into well formed pages they will be moved up into the reference specification proper. Please leave a brief description for each page.


Q & A

As questions come up we are placing them here, sometimes with ideas about solutions. Feel free to update or add to this list. Q & A

Deployment Tool

This revolves around the method by which developers push their code to a running system (VM or Cluster).
Deployment Tool


Should we have individual ZooKeepers per project or one to rule them all?

Naming Convention

How will various pieces of the project (modules and the like) be named?
Naming Convention

Puppet and the Golden Image

A discussion around golden images, the deployment process and upgrade paths.
Golden Images

The Future State of Puppet

A discussion about issues with the current puppet tree and suggestions for solving these issues.

SSL Cert Automation

Talk about the framework around which we will automate SSL certificates.
SSL Certs

Platform Development Framework

The framework we are using to develop this platform is discussed herein.
Platform Development Framework