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We need to have a consensus around naming conventions at various points in this project. This space is for discussing these conventions.

Puppet Modules

There is a current practice which exists around HEAT that we intend to adopt.

The name for the back end module (BEM) will be whatever comes from the provider but is generally in the form of 'providor-software' as in:

  • puppetlabs-apache

Front end modules (FEM) will follow a similar convention. We will start with 'm'. We chose this as it represents that the FEM is coming from the Mozilla library but it is short (as opposed to 'mozilla') and not kitchey (as in 'mozpuppet'). This will be followed by the name of the software (apache) and will be the same name as was given in the provider module. Finally the specific application (python_vhost, php_vhost). The entire FEM will be lowercase and each segment will be separated by double colons (::), as in:

  • m::apache::python_vhost

Virtual front end modules (VFEM) will use CamelCase without spaces or underscores. They will start with the word Software (upcased) followed by double colons (::). This followed by the name of the software (again from the provider module) then the specific application (from the FEM), again without spaces and using CamelCase. For example:

  • Software::ApachePythonVhost