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This is a place to stick questions as they come up so we don't forget about them. Feel free to add to this list. Also if a question has been answered or has sufficient discussion please move it to its own page.

Q & A

  • Will we require developers to only create reproducible applications?
  • Will we allow ssh access to the instances? Sudo access?
  • How do we define ownership of applications?
    • What do we do when the owner is no longer a contributor?
      • Can we destroy abandon applications?
      • Can they belong to a team as well?
        • time boming, after some time of abandonment you ping system owners and if no response it dies (non destructively)
  • How do we provide for security upgrades?
    • Can we figure out how to do this in a non-impacting way?
    • Will it require intervention from the developers?
  • Will we give developers access to OpenStack devices?
    • Yes to access to web UI and API.
    • No to the devices running OS.
  • Will we require production sites to be under the Mozilla github account?
    • Will we require / want someone in IT to have access for security upgrades?
      • Probably not, but need to discuss further.
  • How will we deal with runbooks?
    • Will we require every production site to have a runbook?
    • Should we create a runbook space on wiki.m.o with templates?
      • What about stuff like alternate phone numbers?
      • Where would we put important passwords?
    • Where does the MOC want runbook stuff and in what detail?
  • What benefit do people get from puppetdashboard?
    • Can this benefit be obtained from MIG?