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Last updated: 2015/01/30


The following describes the flow of tasks through the mozilla.org kanban board. This flow is adapted from the general kanban guidelines.

Mozilla.org uses the Kanban signal & pull method. Tasks are marked as ready using the green checkmark, this signals that a task is ready for the next stage of work.

Workflow Overview

1. Backlog

  • With some discussion tasks are added to the Backlog and prioritized. Only items that should actually be worked on should be added to this column.
    • Ready Flag: None. Tasks are assumed ready.

2. Research & Design

  • Tasks that are being started/researched are pulled to this column.
    • Ready Flag: Flag applied when ready to be coded, if no R&D needed, still goes into this column and marked ready.

3. Coding & In Progress

  • Task is pulled into this column when actively being coded/worked on.
    • Ready Flag: Developer checks this flag after finishing task and filing a pull request.

4. Code Review

  • Task is pulled into this column by whomever is doing the code review. Task is assigned to reviewer.
    • No Ready Flag. When PR is merged the card automagically moves (via plugin Kanbender) to the Merge column.

6. Merged

  • Cards in this column have been merged and are awaiting a production push.
  • Currently need to manually verify the task is complete and live on production and archive card.
    • Ready Flag: Not Used