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So you've fallen in love with Webmaking and now you want to share? That's awesome! We've just begun the initiative to connect more broadly with potential mentors like you. You can help us out by telling us your thoughts. What kind of support do you need? How can we learn from and share with each other?

The best way to start teaching Webmaking is by running a kitchen table event for your friends and/or family. Check out the Webmaking Resources and brush up on your own skills by completing some | Webmaker Projects.

Reach Out

We would like to:

  • encourage existing mentors to identify you as a star and provide a single pathway for you once you've been identified
  • encourage all webmakers to be this kind of star
  • lower barriers to teaching by teaching newbie mentors how to host learning events, hackjams and create networks.
  • hook you up with existing mentors to learn from

Join the Webmaker community call with questions, suggestions, or hacks!

Tell us your thoughts!

Add in your reflections here!