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On the 10th November 2014 community call, we decided not to make a decision relating to this proposal for the time being. There are other, related, issues that we need to resolve. For example: who should we prioritise in terms of audience for Web Literacy Map v2.0?


The community was asked the extent to which they supported the following proposal, using a five-point scale. 5 indicated strong agreement.

Proposal 2: I believe the three strands should be renamed 'Reading', 'Writing' and 'Participating'.

  • en_UK: 2.94 (138 respondents)
  • es_CL: 3.29 (7 respondents)
  • fr: 2.86 (29 respondents)
  • hi_IN: 5.00 (1 respondent)
  • id_ID: 2.00 (1 respondent)
  • ml_ML: 4.00 (1 respondent)



"More powerful and clear. More compatible with other models / naming conventions around this work. "

"yes as it follows the defintion you have created and makes clear catagories. "

"It would be more easier to grasp what the strands actually mean once we rename them to much simpler terms."

"I generally prefer simpler language."

"those are words that people understand better, but I'm not sure if they map to web literacy as intuitively as it may seem."

"Definitely easier to understand off the bat."

"I agree with 'Reading' and 'Writing' but I think 'Connecting' works better than 'participating' but I am fully aware as I write this that this is based on my own biases. I feel that reading and writing are modes of participation in themselves but connecting speaks to something else."

"Agree 100%. Reading and Writing fit perfectly. Participating also is good. Alternatively you could go with Collaborating, or Connecting (but that would be too close to connected learning alliance)."

"I definitely agree that the names of the strands should be consistent with the above definition. Personally I prefer Exploring, Building and Participating."

"並非設計網頁才是使用權,使用網路也是" ("Not just about designing websites, also about using the Internet")

"The new strands might be easier to understand for newcomers."

"They are more concrete and direct and relate-able."

"Reading, … => aasier [sic] analogy for the "illiterate""

"Yea! "Analog Literacy" is about to read, write and participate with the authors and i think that the same applies to the "Web Literacy" and to any kind of literacy."

"I come from a literacy background so this does make sense to me. We are talking about emerging practices around literacy. I also feel the participating aligns more with the Mozilla Manifesto. "

"Excellent, lets bring the web back to its text roots. These are much more approachable terms too. Thoughts: Exploring - Implies there is some sort of almost jungle like quality to the web, which while may be true, perhaps encourages the wrong idea. The web is a huge thing, but it is pretty ordered and neat. Building - Detracts from the idea that putting something on the web is complex and must be abstract -- Writing makes it pretty clear that all you need is the ability to write your ideas down as text. This also tidies up the messy idea that you might 'build' code, which just sounds plain daft. You write content, and if you want, you write code. Writing is better. Connecting conjures up ideas of fiddling around with wires and wi-fi codes. Participating in the global discussion is a much better thought."

"Indeed this would make the reason why we call it "literacy" much clearer."

"Few times it will be better to watch take experience."

"My three are:learn,build,&share"

"I teach, I used to teach mostly language. The newer labels make more instant sense to me."

"This works if 'reading' is meant in the broadest sense, not a mere 'functional literacy' but in the sense of 'reading the world'."


"semua ini, untuk mudah memahami" ("all this, to easily understand")

"Explorer et Créer me semblent appropriés, par contre Participer sonne mieux Coopérer" ("Create and explore seem appropriate, but Cooperate sounds better than Participate")

"I like Participating over connecting for sure. Is Reading too specific? Using might be better? Both are probably clearer than Exploring. Writing does not work for me since it doesnt encompass images, coding, and so much essential stuff. I like Building, or Making to fit the language of Webmaker."

"For total noobs, 'Reading Writing Participating' is much much easier to understand. But it then loses relevance as you think about watching, listening, drawing, talking and all the other ways we communicate on the web."

""Writing" is a form of "Participating". But I agree that "Reading" and "Writing" are much more literacy-ish."

"Perhaps something like Exploring, Building and Participating, would seem more appealing I believe. Words like Reading, writing sounds boring when compared to Exploring and Building- which instills a feeling of adventure and "doing" something ;)"

"'Writing' would seem to favour text-creation over other forms of creation, e.g. creating audio, video, animations, images, etc. Might not seem as relevant to creators keen on creating 'beyond text'. BUT... I see the simplicity of 'Reading' and 'Writing'."

"Why not reading writing connecting?"

"I think, Exploring, Building and Connecting is much good, but need to explain it in a good way - like a short animation."

"I think reading and writing are too limited in their understood meanings and prefer the existing terms exploring and building. I prefer participating as a term over connecting."

"Kinda torn on this. A lot of the time when literacy people from schools of education take over, they come up with weaker definitions of reading and writing, and I like the existing descriptions. But at the same time, R/W/P might make it more appealing for those folks, and trojan-horse them into using stronger standards."

"There is probably no right or wrong answer. We encourage students to be creative in their development of resources and work at school which involves more than 'writing' and the current strand of 'building' allows for a much wider range of activities than implied by just 'writing'. I also understand that the reading, writing and participating is how you describe 'Literacy' and therefore to have 3 different strands can lead to confusion. Better to be consistent in the messaging if you can."

"I kind of like the existing terms, but don't feel strongly about not changing it. I don't think anything is improved by changing the terminology."

"Not sure about 'Writing'. 'Making'?"

"The present Titles are good.. We can understand the context from these titles."

"I'm on the fence about this. While I think that the reference to reading, writing and participating helps people make the associations between web literacies and other basic literacies, I am not sure that reading and writing adequately describes what people are doing on the we. I prefer naviating, creating and participating)."

"I like reading & writing, but prefer 'Connecting' over 'Participating' and I almost wonder if there could be 4 strands so you don't have to pick between the two...they each have subtle differences."

"Writing can too easily be confused with participating - prefer scripting."


"I like the initial word choice and the new words have loaded meanings that are just slightly different than the ones in my mental model."

"Many People automatically think negatively when they see reading and writing so keeping it as exploring, building and connecting makes it seem more fun and interesting."

"Utiliser / Comprendre / Créer aurait ma préférence (cf CDIO )" ("Use / understand / Create my preference would be (see CDIO)")

"I think that the three strands are relevant."

"I think the headings are quite clear to determine what topics they cover."

""Lire" et "Ecrire" : c'est trop restreint, sur le web on peut lire, voir, entendre, écrire, codé, joué, envoyer des documents... Parcontre ""Participer"" me semble plus adapter, moins réducteur que ""Coopérer "" On peut participer avec et sans coopération." ("'Read' and 'Write' is too limited. On the web you can read, hear, see, write, code, play, send documents... On the other hand, 'Participate' seems more appropriate than 'Cooperate' as you can participate with and without cooperation.")

"I think that the current strands they have in place are better as they are more detailed words that can be easily understood."

"Apprendre / Créer / Participer" ("Learning / Creating / Participating")

"Exploring, Building and Participating strike me as the most active and descriptive strand titles."

"New literacies should not be confined or constrained by previous understandings and stereotypes of literacy. Reading and Writing are acts, processes, but they are not literacy in and of itself. Being on the web and of (sic) the web is more than just transiting it through what we see and create there. That could be like describing Guernica as a picture of farmyard animals and people. I understand that eg reading is not just about text but this is what I believe it will constrain peoples imagination to when this is the descriptor."

"I am neither here nor there on this one... I like the simplification of the language, but I think 'writing' loses somehting that 'building' has and i think that 'exploding' [sic] has something that 'reading' loses. They are more explicitly 'literacy', I get that... but I think the point of web literacy is that it contains more things than traditional reading/writing literacy does. How would a tool like popcorn maker or other multimedia web materials fit into the new strands, for example? Look now I've talked myself into disagreement. "

"Reading and Writing are text focused. I'd be thinking about terms like: Creating, Engaging, Consuming, Evaluating, Building, etc."

"Reading, Writing, Participating sounds a bit too much like school whereas Exploring, Building, Connecting sounds more engaging."

"'Reading' and 'Navigating' are only kind of the same- 'Reading' takes away from the Literacy itself. 'Writing' is pretty on point. Participating and Connecting are interchangeable to me. Could also be 'Communicating' Any choice for the 'Connecting' works as its a pretty broad concept to begin with... Are we talking about 'Citizenship'?"

"I feel that the current strands relate more to me around education on the web. It kinda describes web literacy as the next step to reading and writing."

"'Reading' and 'Writing' have backward connotations, the old ones are more to the point. 'Connecting' points toward one aspect of the Web - connecting with others rather than the wider-ranging term 'Participating', so it should be changed."

"I'd only change Connecting to Participating."

"The English instructor in me cringes whenever I see reading and writing falsely differentiated from participating. It implies that reading and writing are somehow passive acts. They are not. Everyone who reads and writes on the Internet is participating in that shared experience and that should be acknowledged and celebrated. While I agree that renaming the strands to Reading, Writing, and Participating may add some clarity, it does so in a far too reductive manner."

"I think the existing terms are excellent and open, whereas the suggested names are constricted, narrow in general connotation, and limiting the possible interpretations/understandings."

"Exploring, building & connecting are much better imo."

"They are understandable. They are good and quite simply put."

"I find the suggestion to rename the first two items to Reading & Writing very strange, for me the web is about so much more then those two activities. I would suggest though is to change the wording 'Connecting' to 'Participating' as I think its better represent what Literacy should be about."

"Reading, writing and participating all sound more passive than exploring, building, connecting."

"Reading and Writing are established paradigms with many connotations. Whilst they may be useful analogies I think it is better to have more neutral terms that people interrogate and derive new meanings from rather than resting on existing assumptions that may even be implicit."

"The previous names feel more familiar and apt to me!"

"There's a lot more than reading and writing going on."

"Not sure about this one - I think current are more dynamic (possibly use parentheses idea? Also proposed have a legacy thta might be misinterpreted."

"Reading, writing, participating sounds more like school which is a turn off for many."

"Reading is not navigating. Writing is not building (necessarily). Communicating is more then participating."

"No. Exploring, Building and Connecting are better descriptions."

"The suggestion to rename the strands makes no sense to me: if they are renamed then you'll have to reconsider everything that goes inside of them. Again, this brands it as sort of Mozilla-only and doesn't encourage wider adoption."

"I think that web literacy is new, very new to some educators. Unless they were spelled out: Reading the Web, Writing the Web and Participating on the Web..."

"Constructing maybe rather than building, but I am not really a fan of 'reading and writing' necessarily."

"The existing names are much more powerful and more inclusive in meaning. Reading and Writing conjures images of the traditional pen and paper or the RW CD/drivers etc. Exploring and Building have much richer meaning more indicative and descriptive of the possibilities on the web. Connecting is also a better word than participating. I may participate and not connect but connecting means that I also participated."

"I think that the existing definition s are a better description."

"I like the orginal terms much more - they seem far more inclusive."

"The first two strands encompass more than just "reading" and "writing" the web. A movie is an evolution of the written story, but while a movie requires a script, a script is not a movie. I think new terms are needed to encompass the broader complexities of interpreting and creating on the web."

"I think reading and writing in particular evoke too much a paper metaphor. For example you wouldn't rename them 'watching, filming ..' Our work at the Caledonian Academy (focused on informal learning) used three concepts 'consume, connect and create' to describe the three strands of activity described here."

"Exploring is much, much wider than 'just' reading. I don't like building and would have preferred "creating", while I can live with participating."

"I think the original titles sound more active."

"Definitely Exploring and Building - torn between Connecting and Participating."

"I think exploring, building, connecting works really well and is reflective of Mozilla's overall goals, and the follow-up tag line can be, how to read, write, and participate on the web."

"Not that bad but perhaps more suitable for something like a Beginners Grid remix. Agree with some of the other feedback received and also think Participating's okay."

"I think the 3 strands are excellent as they are as they are broader and may allow for more interpretation within the theme and content."