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Notes: This page doesn't include any Mozilla specific community support information since that fits in the Our Community section. We could link to that from the text to avoid any confusion.

Manifesto Principle

Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability, and trust." - Mozilla Manifesto
Free and open source software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource." - Mozilla Manifesto


Mozilla devotes a significant amount of time and resources into fostering a healthy ecosystem for communities to work--not just the Mozilla community but communities around other open source projects and free culture organizations. A healthy online community doesn't simply happen (there is no magic pixie dust) but it can be encouraged and supported.


  • Promote a healthy ecosystem of participation online
  • Help create successful models that can be repeated for new goals
  • Support software development that benefits our own software creation

Get Involved

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What we do

  • We've pioneered a model of online participation of transparent community based processes in the way we've created our software that is used as a model for other organizations.
  • Link directly to open source projects we've supported? Would that duplicate information presented below?
  • Link to information about grants for Cairo, SQLite, LittleCMS, Creative Commons, etc.

Open Source / Copyleft

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