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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

Draft text for a new section describing the public benefit activities that the Mozilla community engages in. 'Causes' might not be the word we end up using, but we can use it for now to put a draft together.


To be linked to in the redesigned site's top-level navigation.

One Cause Version

Main Page

The Mozilla community is dedicated to making the Internet even better. Thousands of people around the world have already chosen to get involved with building great software and spreading ideas that foster openness, participation and innovation online. We want you to join us too!

Mission words.png

Instead of a word cloud maybe a graphic of the 4 or so characteristics of things that make the web better. For example, see A word for hack-remix-opportunity-ness?

We believe...

...that the internet is a public commons that must remain open and accessible. Transparency, participation, generativity and shared control are central to building this commons. We have committed to principles like these in the Mozilla Manifesto.

Note: need a different word than generativity.

We're building...

...a better internet everyday in very concrete ways. Our work includes:

  • Promoting openness, participation and distributed decision-making as a core part of internet life. <links to MozEdu and ...?>
  • Creating software that at once provides fast, secure, enjoyable access to internet and promotes standards, innovation and opportunity <links to ...?>
  • Developing new technologies that others can use to build out the internet commons and make it better <links to ...?>

These activities promote continued innovation on the internet and help to ensure is remains a universal platform accessible to anyone anywhere.

Join us!

Mozilla is a global community of people building a better internet. We want you to join us. You can help us develop software <link to good starting place for developers>, translate into your local language <link to localization>, teach people about the open internet <link to education> or simply spread the word <link to spreadfirefox???>. Find out how. <link to contribute wiki>


The Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organization that sponsors the Mozilla project and devotes its resources to promoting Mozilla's mission. Please consider making a contribution to support our efforts.

[Donate button]

Many Causes Version

Main Page

Mockup of main Causes page

Our Causes

Mozilla exists to make the Internet better for everyone. We do this in part by creating world-class software that supports openness, innovation and participation. These principles also guide us in our public benefit work on advancing the development of the open web, promoting accessibility, education and free culture, and preserving security and privacy online. Find our more about what we are doing, why it matters, and how to get involved.

[Video (or something else) visually demonstrating what we do and why we do it]

[Call to action to donate]

(Section that surfaces some of the most important bits for each Cause, perhaps by pulling out the first sentence or paragraph from each Cause sub-page.)


What We Do

  • Encourage people to get involved in keeping the web open.
  • Create and give away open source software that embeds our values.
  • Speak up for users on the web and lead the effort to build a better Internet.
  • Provide grants to projects that align with our public benefit mission.

Sub Pages

Mockup of Education Causes page

Note: I think a11y definitely fits here but it shows that there could be some overlap with the Community section since a11y is both a community effort, similar to localization, and one of our public benefit causes. Worth thinking through to clearly define when something fits in Causes or in Community or in both.

Standard elements of these pages

  • Pull quote from manifesto or 2010 goal at top (allow people to comment)
  • One paragraph intro consistent w/ informal tone on rest of Mozilla sites
  • Priorities -- high level picture of what we are working on
  • Get involved section / call to action / sort by audience?
    • Everyone?
    • Software Developers?
    • Web Developers?
    • Includes key resources and activities related to this cause
  • Software -> lists related technologies
  • Grants -> pulls in sample grants, rotates
  • Advocacy -> pulls in sample advocacy articles
  • Donate button related to this cause
  • Space for video or special feature although not every page might use this

also possible

  • dynamic content drawn in from IRC, etc.