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The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible. - Mozilla Manifesto


Individuals must have the ability to shape their own experiences on the Internet.

A core part of our collective work is promoting and protecting an open web that allows for generativity--the ability for people to make new and unanticipated things online. We do this through software, developer education and community building aimed at promoting the technologies that make the web open. We also engage with Internet users everywhere to explain and encourage the value of participation and distributed decision making as part of the internet's DNA.


Mozilla is committed to using its intellectual property, funds, reputation and assets to keep the Internet an open platform. This includes:

  • Building software that consumers love and that is based on open standards. This ensures that open standards are a major force in the market.
  • Working with web developers to help them create web sites and applications built on open web technologies.
  • Encouraging all web users to understand and embrace openness, participation and distributed decision-making are a core part of Internet life.


Mozilla software brings the open web to users and developers alike. Examples include:

  • Firefox brings emerging open web technologies like video and audio, 3D graphics and improvements to HTML to 250 million people around the world.
  • Bespin gives developers better tools for creating advanced web applications using open web technologies supported by most browsers.
  • Ubiquity lets people create their own text commands to interact with the web.
  • Jetpack
  • Would Addons fit here along with information about how we help provide an ecosystem for addon developers to support their development work?

Read more about Mozilla software projects.


Mozilla stands up for the cause of the open internet in a number of ways.

  • Thought leadership through documents like the Mozilla Manifesto.
  • Standards discussions like WHAT-WG (the next version of HTML) and ECMA (the next version of JavaScript).
  • Support for efforts to keep hardware, software and networks open.


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  • foundations of open media software workshop
  • html conformance checker
  • internet as a public good symposium

Get involved

Whether you build the web or just use it every day, the Mozilla community invites you to get involved to help keep it open.

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  • Everyone: If the Internet enriches you life, reflect on why and how. And then tell your friends.
  • Web developers: Build web sites and applications using open web technologies that will work in any browser.
  • Bloggers: Promote participation and feedback on your blog. Use software built on open web standards.
  • Teachers: Engage your students in a discussion about participation and distributed decision making on the web. Get them to participate.

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